Fitting Ruger Charger into CMI Pistol Safe

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  • Fitting Ruger Charger into CMI Pistol Safe

    I am considering getting a Ruger Charger (don't ask why, I just need it okay). My concern is that it might not fit into my pistol safe.

    I have a CMI LA3 (externally 305 x 405 x 305) and the complete Charger is 489mm OAL. It might fit in the safe diagonally.

    My question is, if I remove the stock for storage (which is no big deal) can I fit a Charger easily into my safe?

    I know it will fit if I do a full disassembly but I don't want to do a barrel removal every time it goes to sleep.

    Any advice gratefully received.

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    corner to corner would be about 500 roughly so yes it may fit.


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      With the stock removed, diagonally it should fit. If I remember tomorrow I will check, send me a pm if I forget
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