My first. Ruger Mk3 Target

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  • My first. Ruger Mk3 Target

    So guys.. I picked up my first handgun today. A Stainless steel Ruger MKIII Target with 140mm bull barrel.

    This naughty girl was very dirty when I picked her up. Shot 2 mags of 10 in rapid 5 round bursts to test the magazines and accuracy. It's amazing.

    Then took her home, got her clo.. uhh grips off and stripped her down and saw the previous owner hadn't cleaned her in probably forever. Now she's shiny and new again.
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    Good on ya mate. Looks like a beauty.


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      Very nice, aus

      Should be a great shooter, as you found out.

      Good to see you are pre-prepared with a mallet too heh. My 18-yr old 22/45 never needed that kind of uh, persuasion lol


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        I love my MkIII Target Stainless.

        As you have no doubt learned, field stripping and reassembly can be *cough* fun - (hence the mallet).

        BTW, a clean MkIII doesn't necessarily shoot better than a moderately fouled one. In fact some people believe they are more accurate after 500 rounds and no cleaning.

        Overall, yours should be good for another 200 000 rounds or so. It will outlive your grandkids.


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          Gave it a light oil, I've got a very busy few weeks but next time I'm at the pistol club I'll be shreading the centres of targets.... I'll probably take a brick or two of ammo with me and try get through it all to give it a proper testing

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        It looks good, I have the Mk III Hunter and it shoots great. Looking at the photo do you still have the magazine disconnect in it? There were a number of owners who removed it after problems,


        • Greenwich-biker
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          Well done mate - welcome to the wonderful world of handgun shooting

          PS some folk believe a 22 should never be cleaned

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        Click image for larger version

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          Congratulations mate !!!

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        I love ruger mk3s and the best thing about them is they can double as a hammer, there made so strong.
        Love your country, love your family, love your sport.


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          Congrats mate, let the addiction begin :lol:
          “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” - Edmund Burke


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            Nice one mate. I've shot a couple of those and they were super accurate. I remember when I started shooting and the armourer would offer club pistols and as soon as he started talking I would say "Ruger!" Pound for pound they're very hard to beat. Nice choice and congrats. And welcome to the pistol shooting world.


            • inverness
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              Congratulations on your Ruger.
              Nice solid accurate and reliable pistol, which will bring many many years of fun.
              Our 2 were a bit temperamental for the 1st 500 or so rounds out of the box, with both failing to eject spent cases now and then.
              Now they run & run & run.
              Just don't put the mag in backwards or it will not come back out.
              (Found out the hard way and had to buy the "mag-out" tool)