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  • Ipsc holster rules

    Am I reading the IPSC rule book correctly? Holster and mag pouches not allowed forward of the hips?

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    Originally posted by Toom" post=9513
    Am I reading the IPSC rule book correctly? Holster and mag pouches not allowed forward of the hips?
    Thought that was just for Production


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      Oh, ok thanks mate. So standard would be right ya reckon?

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    For all divisions other than Open all equipment must be located behind the point of your hip bones. The diagram in the Appendix of the rule book shows this more clearly.
    Good thing I sandbagged the [email protected]#k out of that match or I'd be B Grade in Classic now too................


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      actually read the rule book, rather than just looking at the pictures and you will know what can be worn where...

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    Just had a quick look at the Jan 2012 IPSC rule book and it says "Rule 5.2.10 / Appendix E2 applies" to Production, Standard and Classic division, I thought it was only for Production as well which is all I shoot anyway,cheers


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      Thanks guys. Yeah I'll read it again. Gee that's gunna be tight runnin 5 mag pouches behind me hip. What's your thoughts, single mag pouches, or 2/3. For a STI double stack gun?


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        Toom, Most IPSC shooters will have 6 or more mags, which usually extend from hip bone around to near the centre of your back. I've seen as many as 8 and it's a stretch to reach the last one, but if you need it, it's there. Another way you'll see is mounting the mags so the thin edge is against your belt (90 degrees to the conventional position) that way they take up less room and I think they are easier to grab.
        The longest course of IPSC fire is 32 rounds, so in theory you should get away with just 4 mags. But that limits when you can reload. Mostly you'll want to reload while moving between targets and that might mean a reload, or two, after only 5 rounds, so then you'll need 5 or 6 mags. And then there's time when you drop a mag and don't want to waste time picking it up, so at least 6 is the norm.

        Paul D