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    hi all,
    anyone recommend a good shooting mat?
    or more importantly, bad ones to avoid?
    if I'm gonna start doing more of this belly flop shootin' I want something better than my leather roll.

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    I use a voodoo tactical shooting mat/bag.... Can carry 2 guns, ammo and spotting scope and more in the one bag.... I have one and so does the old man....
    I throw sub-moa rocks

    If you heard the shot, you weren't the target


    • 8Ball
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      I'll be watching this thread closely as I'm in the market for a mat as well.

      I've narrowed it down to the Triade Tactical followed closely by the Voodoo Tactical shooting mat.

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    Most state full bore rifle associations have shops.


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      I was in Rylstone Guns and Ammo the other week and he had these Ridgeline Mat / Bags for $145
      I paid $240 over 12 months ago in a Sydney gunshop for the same mat/bag

      Click image for larger version

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    Depending on what shooting you are doing, for what style of mat. For full bore shooting using a coat with elbow pads, the mats with the rubber front are ideal. If shooting without a coat, the dimpled rubber soon irritates the elbows. Unless the mat is rotated 180 degrees.
    Probably wouldn't want to lug one of these around the hills chasing goats, not very compact.


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      yeah i just want it for lying on me guts shooting down range.

      thanks guys.


      • Gorgo
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        If you must use a shooting mat ( :P ), and don't want to spend a lot of cash, you could just go for a yoga mat. Available everywhere, cheap, lots of colours and patterns and styles...

        Another consideration is how your mat absorbs heat (can get really hot).

        I don't tend to use a mat if I'm shooting prone, as I figure I'm not likely to be carrying one around in the wild. Plus, I like to pretend I'm tough...

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        Originally posted by Send-it" post=40977
        yeah i just want it for lying on me guts shooting down range.

        thanks guys.
        I was going to say the Bistoli MK2 looks good as well but after your comment I'd just get something like a self inflating mattress like they sell in anaconda!
        Then again if you want something that's really cheap then get into BCF for a thin foam mattress for $15

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      I use one my mate made for me he owns his own canvas shop. It was a thank you for teaching him how to reload.

      But she gets hot in summer on it at the range. Being made of black fake leather.


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        maybe i'll just use me swag. :lol:

        hmm,.....didn't consider it getting hot.
        good point.


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          I've been thinking about getting a couple of Coleman Rest-Easy Camp Pads around $9.99 $14.99 (those thin rubber mattress's the backpackers use), stitch them together with one of those cheap tarps from supercheap for a water proof bottom and a material top covering. It would still roll up for better storage. Kmart have real thin ones and the next lot up are about double the thickness.


          • Vromme
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            I use a cheap fold up pic a nic blanket. Water resist underside soft top side. Keeps gear dry, out of dirt and grass.

            May have to upgrade one day. Be interested seeing pros and cons of others.

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          Use a Yoga mat, it will help with your breathing and nice and thin.


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            Rylstone Guns and Ammo also have padded drag bags for $99.00, kill two birds with one stone, shooting mat and drag bag in one package.


            • GD308
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              The Ridgeline bag/mat pictured above is $99.95 on their website..