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  • bipods

    Hi all,
    just keen to hear your thoughts on bipod types.
    some say harris type, some say atlas type.

    Click image for larger version

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    I'm going to get another bipod for my 700 police 308, for both target and hunting use.
    which is the better type and why?

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    i have both types - on grass or uneven ground they perform about the same

    off the bench the atlas is easier to load (read: easier to shoot good groups)

    the harris is quicker to deploy though... they both have their pros and cons


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      throwing in a curve ball my favorites are the Accuracy international Bipods (Both models) as well as the parker hale bipod and some of the Versapod models.

      not a huge fan of the atlas. its build quality is excellent but the pan and tilt adjustment is to stiff for me and needing to push a button to deploy the legs isnt something i like. if find manipulating the collar and extending the legs a bit frustrating to do in a controlled manner under stress.

      as for the harris i dont like the lack of pan , but for the price they are good really.

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    whats pan?
    do you mean the ability to look left and right with one?


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      Originally posted by Send-it" post=39869
      whats pan?
      do you mean the ability to look left and right with one?
      yep exactly - its kind of useful if you're tracking game

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    got it.


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      I've got Harris in Fixed and Pan/Scan/Tilt types, also a Hyskor and Versapod - haven't had any issues with using any of them - I mainly use the longer leg ones (Harris/Hyskor) these days for snipping bunnies and fox whistling.
      Whacking Varmints is my passion!