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    Well, I never realised there was a difference between standard or "mill spec" picatinny rails and Weaver style picatinny rails until I went to replace the dodgy looking Weaver rings with some new trick looking 6 screw tactical style rings and found the recoil slots in a Weaver style rail are much smaller than a standard rail.
    So I hit the net looking for "mill spec" two piece Pic rails but can only seem to find one piece rails, do they exist or are the only two piece rails in Weaver style?
    I'm pretty sure a one piece rail will interfere with top loading the magazine, does anyone use a two piece "mil spec" rail and where did you get it or should I just buy a one piece or another set of rings.


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    you are correct in saying a single piece can interfere with top loading , especially in a hurry.

    you should be able to get 2 piece picatinny bases , eg : http://www.eurooptic.com/nightforce-2-piece-m700-sa-20-moa-base.aspx

    picatinny stuff should fit weaver but weaver does not always fit picatinny.


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      Cheers S12, I spent hours looking for that. I did come across a link to niteforce rails but didn't click it thinking they would be several hundred $$$.

      Thanks again.

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    Is it worth mounting a cheap one piece, bedding if needed, and then chopping the middle out to make 2 bases.


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      it would work but its rarely worth doing anything on the cheap in this game.

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      IIMHO Yes its an option that works well enough providing you don`t need a lot of elevation in the base itself though it would still work ok with a machined tapered base anyway as long as its not a stepped base.
      Having done exactly this with a Tikka 222 which has had a few bases and other rubbish on in its life I at one time wanted everything interchangeable.
      I had a weaver style rail handy but it was too short for my liking.
      This one had a central square slot all the length along in the middle [top side] so I cut it in two and with a piece of dead square milled mild steel to hold it push fit in the square slot on top just re-drilled a couple of extra mounting holes in one end to match the rifle holes already there and it works fine.
      I like mounts well apart as far as possible for strength and stability.
      Nothing worse than a scope with the mounts almost touching each side of the turrrets and all that length just hanging in free space -- begging to get bent sooner or later
      Originally posted by Needbiggertargets" post=39655
      Is it worth mounting a cheap one piece, bedding if needed, and then chopping the middle out to make 2 bases.