Skope cam !!

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  • Skope cam !!

    I know what i want for christmas!!

    Check this out

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    Yeah they look alright.

    They'd be extra good with a night vision phone


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      theyve been in the US for ages called iscope i think but were abit awkward for bolt actions, these look like they would work well, would be cool to get some videos on ur phone. im thinking they would effect the eye relief though as in you wouldnt be able to hold ur gun normally unless u wanted a phone in the face lol


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        I have a Seben mount for my normel camera. Its solid and it fits my 22 and air rifle, but the mount fouls on the bolt of my bigger stuff.
        If I was anywhere near home I could put up a vid to show you


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          I made one from 40mm plumbing fittings superglue and a $1 phone cover. Ok for daytime rested work but have probs tracking and focusing and night work was at best poor. I haven't tried the ip5 yet so it might be much better but your vision is destroyed by the light from the screen.

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        i like it.


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          It is similar to IScope, they use a zoom app for that problem:

          The app is called video zoom or something..