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    Thought I would start this thread just for Alpha Industries Mags and stock levels.

    We are unfortunately still waiting on the Type 2 mags but they are not far off now which is excellent!

    What we currently have in stock as of today:

    Type 1: Click Here

    Type 3: Click Here

    Type 4: Click Here

    300WINMAG: Click Here

    Also we have the Type 7 for the 375/408 Chey Tac. Contact us for details on these.

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    Danny, any news regarding the Type 2 mags? Will we see them this year?

    The wait is killing me.....


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      In a nutshell whats the difference and application of each type?

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    I have 2 type 2 mags I'd be happy to swap someone for Type 1 mags or AI mags. They are unused but without packaging. PM if interested.


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      Danny, have I got it right that the type 4 will take 10 SAUM rounds?
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        Yes I believe they will.

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      Both my type 2 mags have now gone to a good home. Thanks gents.


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        Hi danny,
        apparently my 2 type two mags are an early release and the mag spring and something else 8ball told me about is different from their current confguration. Is there a new mag spring or mod that can be done to make these mags work. ATM I have 2 mags I've sent to guys for a swap that may not work. I always thought that they don't work in my rifle cause I haven't done the machining on the feed ramp. Your help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.


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            Movingalongnothingtoseehere - Apologies for the delay.

            When you say they don't work, what do you mean?

            The newer Alpha Mags were released with an extremely tight tensioned spring. As a result, some have struggled to get a full 10 rounds in. What we recommend is you load the mag to max capacity and leave it loaded for a day or two. This will soften the spring. The spring will naturally soften over time but this will speed up the process. From that point out you should be fine.

            Is this what you were referring to or was it another issue?

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          Hi Danny, I bought one of Movealongnothingtoseehear and had to send it back to him as it was no good.

          There's a noticeable difference in the magazine I have to the one Movealong sent me.

          Noticeable differences were:

          1) The magazines finish/coating was different.
          2) Back of the mag didn't have the raised bit to stop rounds popping out the back when loading.
          3) Even the bottom of the mag the floor plate clip is slightly different.
          4) The feed lips at the top looked slightly longer and pressed tighter in that area of the magazines construction too.
          5) The magazine spring sounded and even felt clunky (no where near as good as my type 1).

          When you loaded a round into the magazine the round would not sit parallel, it would slope down towards
          the front causing the projectile to nose dive and not go up the feed ramp at all.
          It's like theres not enough tension on the follower plate in the magazine up the front end which is causing it to nose dive down and not go up the feed ramp.

          My Remington 700 has the feed ramp modified to accommodate the longer rounds, but you can clearly see the rounds getting pushed into the mag well below
          the feed ramp because the projectiles will not sit right in the mag.

          The magazine in question looked nothing like the one pictured on your website.


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            If its an Alpha it should have the same features as a type 1, its just the front end of the mag is different to allow a longer OAL.

            All of the Alphas mags that I own have company logos etched into the rear of the mag, along with the caliber ( 308 win in the case of a type 2), and the patent pending logo on the bottom.

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          I spend the morning with the Dremel making the modification to the feed ramp. The mags now feed almost all the time. It's on rounds 7, 8 & 9 where the nose of the round points down to the inside of the mag well and to fix it you have to push the back of the round down so the nose pops up. I can't help thinking that the type 2s need a stronger spring.

          The other issue is that of a 10 round mag cycle I'm now getting 1 or 2 fail to eject 'stove pipe' stoppages. Now I can't point the finger at the mags but it doesn't happen with the AICS mag and has never been a problem on this rifle. I've gotta go to a smith on monday so I'll ask him if it can be fixed with a simple stronger ejector spring.

          There are small differences like the finish. Clearly the newer mags have a better 'feel'. The type 1 mag I have is more reliable than the type 2s. By far the most reliable is my 5 round genuine AICS.

          Sorry to be a pest Danny, but I need this to be really reliable as it's the rifle my shooting partner uses at the Canberra Tactical Match. I'd care less if it was my match rifle, cause I really want her to do well and enjoy these matches.


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	AlphaType2old1.jpg
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Size:	53.5 KB
ID:	63920

            Click image for larger version

Name:	AlphaType2old2.jpg
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Size:	84.0 KB
ID:	63921

            Above are older style Alpha mags.

            Below are the new Gen style mags.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	AlphaType2New.jpg
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Size:	37.5 KB
ID:	63922


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	AlphaBottmplate.jpg
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ID:	63928

              Above is the bottom of an older Alpha mag.

              Below is the bottom of my Alpha mag.

              You can see a design change between the two...

              Click image for larger version

Name:	AlphaBottom-new.JPG
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Size:	50.1 KB
ID:	63929


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                Thanks for the pics mate... mine must be the new ones then :/

                Feels like i have had them for donkey years