What rifle best suited for William Malcolm 3/4" 30" Long Scope 6X

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  • What rifle best suited for William Malcolm 3/4" 30" Long Scope 6X

    Hi Guys need some advise thinking of buying a William Malcolm 3/4" 30" Long Scope 6X to use at the range ( 100yrd s ) but not sure what rifle to attach too , have a 50/90 sharps or a 54 cal Lehman plains rifle , any other type of rifle you recommend ? ( would be a shame to but another one :lol: ) thanks Scott

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    I have the Malcolm fitted to a 45/70 Pedersoli Sharps and have been very pleased with the results. It sure makes a difference to these old eyes. I see from other o'seas forums that shooters have used them on larger BPCR calibres such as your 50/90 and have yet to read any complaints about the performance of the 'scope. There has been an occasional adverse remark about the mounts (other higher quality mounts are available). As much as the better mounts appeal to me I must admit that the factory Leatherwood mounts with the optional vernier screw attachment have given me no real problem and I can't justify the extra expense at the moment.


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      I've got the short 6x malcom for my carbine rolling block. Very bright and clear optics for such a thin tube. I've taken it off for now as I got the upgraded mounts from buffalo arms and they aren't the best for hunting as the adjustments are to easy to move.

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    thanks Plourbag and comanche for the information