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  • Black Powder Cartridge Rifles

    While I love my small collection of true muzzeloaders, the cartridge guns of the era hold a particular fascination

    T to B - 45/70, 45/90, 50/70, 50/90, 40/65 and holding a 38/55 Hiwall

    Hold still varmint, whilst I plugs ya!

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    Some truly nice rifles there BAW.. I can see a trapdoor in my future..


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      Great looking rifles BAW! A really nice rack of Beecher's bibles! Is that a Malcolm scope on the 40/65? BPCR shooting looks really great, I can certainly see a sharps or Hiwall in my future, as well as a muzzleloader. I just have to find the time and place to shoot them!



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        I have an original trapdoor made 1873 in 45/70, a few Martini's in 577/450 and 303's, Alex Henry NSW Police in 577/450, Swedish Rolling block in 12.7x44

        Hold still varmint, whilst I plugs ya!


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          Hi BAW just love my 45/70 Sharps and how well it can shoot

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        very nice.

        my old man currently shoots muzzleloaders but is keen to get into black powder cartridge. think hes currently trying to decide between a sharps and springfield.


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          Your a lucky man BAW, my funds don't currently allow me any dedicated BPCR, I do however get by loading BP for a few lever actions in 45/70, 357/38, 22lr and a little 410 coach gun.
          They all see regular use with both smokeless and BP.

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        Great collection BAW. I notice you mention the Swedish 12.7x44R. Do you have any tips for the reloading of that particular cartridge. I played around for almost two years with 350gn slugs (thinking they were appropriate as they replicated the factory load) with extremely disappointing results. I finally tried some 450grainers before 60 gns of WanoPP and a card wad and things have started to come together. At least it groups more like a rifle than a shotgun!

        There's still a lot of room for improvement and I'm always willing to try anyone else's advice.