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  • BP Revolver question

    I picked up a Spiller & Burr .36 BP pistol yesterday.
    My question:
    how close to the barrel should the cylinder be?
    There is a shim in there that gives it a good millimetre (probably more, I haven't yet measured) between the front face of the cyinder and the barrel.
    At the rear of the frame, there are wear marks where the cylinder has been impacting the frame.
    From an engineers point of view, it seems the shim has been placed on the wrong end of the cylinder.
    In the exploded view from Pietta, there is no shim shown


    just sayin'.

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    Surprised that you haven't had an answer yet; so here goes,
    There shouldn't be a shim but as there is obviously room for one you are correct to assume that it should be at the rear.
    Cylinder barrel clearance should be no more than 0.005 inch, less if it will work without binding up.

    for an original S&B which seems to have very little, if any, clearance, but then it might be the angle of the photo.


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      Check this site for info on your S & B. Also some good photos