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  • Uberti Walker .44 new BP shooter

    He all!

    I am now the proud owner of a Uberti manufactured Colt Walker .44. It is brand new and one of the most beautiful gun I have owned thus far.

    Being new, it is still in it's factory grease. I would like advice on how to best keep it protected once I clean the factory grease/oil off. I have in my kit; Hoppes number 9, and also G96. I have tried to get Ballistol for protection but cost of delivery is difficult being an aerosol.

    I am planning on cleaning it thoroughly with G96 and/or Hoppes 9, scrubbing and such as I do with my other guns. Is there anything I can use from Bunnings to rust protect her? Penetrol? Maybe the G96 I own?

    All advice on this would be much appreciated, I am new also to the Blackpowder scence as well. I have been told Remington #10 caps are the best fit. I tried Remington #11's which were a tad loose on the nipple.

    Thankyou guys, will post pics when she is scrubbed.

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    Cant help with the grease rremoval sorry, but I have had good success using inox on all my guns offering enough protection in the north qld humidity.

    Can't wait to see the pictures! I was literally just looking at Uberti website yesterday. I particularly like the S&W Russian/Schofield revolvers.


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      Good job on getting the most powerful six gun of the 1800's I've got one and a 2nd model dragoon and they are awesome fun! I never bothered removing the grease as I was slack and just went to the range with it. I would use a degreaser and hot water to get the grease off if it was me. Remington caps I've found to be the best in both my ubertis for reliable ignition and I think I've been using size 10. As for powder use 2f as the 3f is a little fast for the 60gr chamber. Get some one to film you firing it as the muzzle blast is quite impressive


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        Thanks for the help guys.

        I tend to overthink things, so the advice on using degreaser is good, nice and simple. I will leave the internals as they are. I will soak her with degreaser and just avoid the wood.

        I have used G96 for my cleaning matters in the past and found it average. It doesnt evaporate and leave a thin film, it leaves alot of oil on the surface. This is good if you are not planning on using the gun for awhile, but a pain otherwise. Tried Hoppes #9 tonight, bloody awesome. Cleans barrels well, and actually does evaporate and leave a thin film afterward.

        Will also give the inox a try aus Rob, and thanks Commanche, good to know the Remingtons are reliable. My mate is going up to a gun shop in QLD that has them, he will get me heaps.

        Hoping to have her up and running by the next western action shoot in two weeks, so will get some film and photo then!

        Anyone considering purchasing one should know that Uberti do a top job on their revolvers. I paid $495 for my Walker, but the quality is something that I would expect to pay easily upward of $650. The fit and finish are high grade as well as the colour case hardening. Considering they are shipped from Italy, and so well made, they are well worth the price. I have seen and handled Uberti/Colt Navy revolvers and they are equally good. Some seemed to have less brilliant colour case hardening, but it is highly variable in nature I guess.

        Thankyou everyone!