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  • .36 cal ball mold

    is a .36 cal ball mold .360, or .375 ?
    Midway have a LEE .360 mold, but my paperwork for the pistol quotes the ball at .375, so I'm a bit confused
    I still have a wait on my PTA anyhows

    just sayin'.

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    I'd say it is .375 as the old measurements were the rifling not the bore like how it is measured today. Same as a .44 cap and ball takes a .454 ball which is a 45 as we know it now.


    • lvendramini
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      Green river rifle works mailed me 3 balls. .357 .360 and a slightly larger one to try in my single shot pistol.I chose the correct one for my pistol and ordered 100 from them..They may do the same for you.

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    Hi its a bit late with the answer as this is an old post , but for the record.
    A .360 Cal mold is for a 36cal single shot muzzle loader, & a .375 Cal mold is for a .36 cal revolver . as the cylinder has larger diameter holes than the barrel. Cheers