Any archers hiding here ??

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  • Any archers hiding here ??

    Just a shout out to any other archers that may be hiding in the ranks, I'm just interested in everyone's set up from beginner to expert hunting to target. I have a sambar spur compound which is just a ebay bow at 60lb that was my first bow used for fun and occasional 3d shoots I now use a pse recurve @ 40lb what is everyone else using ?

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    Yo... Some time archer over here, though work has kept me from practice for the last month or so.
    I bought a couple new bows early ths year, a 20lb Mission Craze for my young bloke and a 70-80lb Bear Legion.
    Pretty happy with them both, hoping to take a pig with the Bear before the end of the year.
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      I really want to be a new archer come end of semester :lol:

      We will see what I can do with my tax money!


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        I was into Archery for a few years as a teenage before shooting, lately I've been looking at bows thinking its time for a new one to back into it
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          Originally posted by Morgo" post=5598
          I was into Archery for a few years as a teenage before shooting, lately I've been looking at bows thinking its time for a new one to back into it
          I was into it as a teenager also, it's quiet a challenge getting your technique back.

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        We have three competition recurves and a longbow in the family and regularly get out the straw mat for a lash. I shoot instinctive(I find sights boring), my daughter uses sights and son barebow. The lightest is 25 pounds. We started off at a club but it was too far to travel, we enjoy an hour or two occaisonally target shooting.


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          Long time bow hunter here, I currently have 2 Mathews Bows. A Mathews ZXT 27"-70 Pounds (left Hand) for my hunting of Goats, Pigs and everything bigger and a Mathews Creed 27"-60 Pounds (left Hand) for small game and target. I have been bow hunting for close to 30 years and love it as much now as when i started.
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            I'm with you Savage, Another Bare bow/Instinctive shooter here. (since a young teen) Tried sights for a while & then ditched them again.
            2 Compounds & a Fibreglass recurve. Though mostly a closet Archer these days,
            Havn't sent an arrow down range for a while now. (except for smak'n a problem dog with Bunny Blunt on occasion)
            A good reminder to get it out again.


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          I have a no name brand crossbow & a laser fitted


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            I also bowhunt with a Mathews MR6 70-80lb set at 74lb, shooting Easton FMJ 300 spine arrows with single bevel black stumps. I also have a few other compounds and half a dozen recurves. My favourite recurve being my Rob Nichol Flatline 60lb @29". Nothing better than being 10m from one nasty boar and watching his eyes blink, heart in your mouth and letting loose an arrow

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              Yeah another bow hunter here... Its been an age since I got my old compound out, but I have rabbits living around my sawmill and the area doesnt have a lot of good back stops for bullets, so the bow and Judo points may have to come out for a play...

              My gear is old and way to heavy for all day shooting... Just shy of 70lbs pull and over 5 kg with sights, balancer and quiver... Not the best rig but she does a great job... I do have a new Mathews in my sights in the future....


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                Yeah I love archery as well as shooting.
                Hoyt Alpha Burner 60lb for hunting, Hoyt Contender Elite fitted with RKT cams 65lb for ABA and 3d and a Hoyt Alpha Elite 60lb for indoor.
                Anschutz 1712 22lr,Anschutz 64mpr,Ruger VMZ 77/22 magnum,Ruger 77/17 Hornet ,Rem 700 20 practical,Anschutz 1431/32 22 K Hornet,Rem model 7 223 Rem, Rem 700 22/250 Rem,Ruger no1 v 220 swift,Winchester Extreme Weather M70 243 Win,Winchester M70 270 wsm, n05 mk1 303 ,Brno 102 12ga u/o,Akar 12ga trap


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                  A long time target and bow hunter just started shooting again last month joined the club as well. I have 3 PSE Bows 1 target 2 for hunting I shoot barebow compound. Never had the neeed for sights they just got in the way!!!

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                Yer, wees still about.

                Read most of the replys up to 2/10/13, sorry 3/10/13 am.

                Attempt to teach "Target archery" at the Mudgee PCYC Saturday mornings, during the School terms.

                Probably could be called 'instinctive' as no sights. We use 20lb recurves & Genises "semi-compounds", left & right handed, about 20lb letoff. Got both in full sized but only the RH in 12lb junior size. Gunna have to raise more $$ to buy the LH in the smaller frame.

                Goad point ---------- If you cant repeatedly hit 9's & 10's at 12m on an FITA 60cm target after 18 years, yer should be at the back of the class.
                I'm at the back!
                But still trying & teachin' - position, breathing, etc.


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                  Yeah. Got into bow hunting with a Bear Magnum Hunter back in the 80's. Replaced the Bear with a Darton in 1998 ("buy back" money). Still take the bow with me on shooting trips.


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                    Just got a bear legion 70lb\ 60 great bow went to abbey archery best customer service ever


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                      Originally posted by rem1903a4" post=7214
                      Just got a bear legion 70lb\ 60 great bow went to abbey archery best customer service ever
                      Same same, abbey archery are pretty good to deal with. Loving my Bear Legion.
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                      Well now 3 months later and the top limbs shattered and sacked me in the face f#%kin crap

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                    I bought a g5 prime shift in 70 pound before i got into firearms.
                    Awesome bow, really accurate and pretty light.
                    Shot a few bunny's with the thing before i got the gun bug lol.



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                      Me and my son have a few bows Pse #70 dream season, Hoyt Carbon Matrix #60 and his Mission by mathews bow UX2 #40
                      We wearnt interested in the archery club scene had a few visits .Some were to busy bagging out the other members but others were really helpful especially with the Kids .We often just practise at close ranges under the shed 6 to 10 yards at that range I shoot small dots spread across the page to avoid the robin hoods . Have shot a few goats ,a feral dog and a heap of indian miners with Rubber bludgeons Since we got the rifles they have been on the back bench alot thou .I considered we would become more proficient in finding and stalking game with the rifles and then use the bows more . I soon realised the rifles would present more opportunities for taking game and ferals . Which they have and have since then returned with the bow to some of my favorite hunting spots and scored a few goats with it . I,m Looking forward to the reopening of the forests for some deer action .