Can any of you blokes do this?

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  • Can any of you blokes do this?
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    Looks like Robin Hood got resurrected as a Russian girl.
    I'm in love with Jennifer Hawkins and Alessandra Ambrosio


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      ...a..a.. A semi automatic bow!

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    Originally posted by Shotgunner" post=29967
    I was looking at vids like this some time ago. The technique derives from an attempt to resurrect ancient mongolian empire battle archery. There are some impressive demonstrations on youtube including speed draw (as this one), shooting at a run (forward & back), shooting from horse back and shooting while falling; all with a degree of accuracy.
    The technique above is the short draw, it is for close combat. You draw the bow just enough to put some "curry" on the impact, not for full long distance penetration. All these techniques require a short bow. I don't know how many people in Australia are into traditional short bows or if you could use the technique with a long bow or recurve (set up for instinctive shooting only), but i highly doubt you could use a compound.


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      Girl's got some skill.

      So dose this bloke ( But he's got no chance against here :lol: :lol: :lol: )

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    Here is the Channel for this style of Archery.


    SeregedelReal Youtube Channel

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