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    I attempt to conduct the archery at the PCYC Mudgee in a reasonably formal manner, this tends to get modified by the primary & high school kids.
    We are limited to the FITA targets, generally 60cm.

    Those of us which run the archery within PCYC NSW, are trained by Archery Australia to at least the basic "Community Archery Instructor", with the option to do further training (user pays).

    I have/had been teaching instinctive aiming & basic recurve archery for 15 years prior to the PCYC introducing the AA coaching stuff.

    When: Saturday mornings during the school term (NSW) from 9.30 - 11.30am
    At: PCYC - Market Street Mudgee 2850

    I am a volunteer & have been for the past 18 years at PCYC, I hope I don't get a bill for the advetisment!