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    Hi lads and ladettes,

    First topic for me on the forum. This probably isn't the best spot for it, but I couldn't decide where else to put it.

    There is a NSW scientific committee government notice in the Northwest magazine insert of my local paper today.

    Here is a link to the full story
    my link

    These are nothing like indian mynas but they are now being officially recognised as a 'threatening process' whatever that actually means.

    Plenty of them in my neighborhood.

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    FYI I am aware we don't shoot this species fellas, unlike the indian mynas. Thanks..


    • grmkc
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      We definitely don't shoot these. They been pushed out of their habitat here in Melbourne as well. Just coming back into our area in the last 12 months now that there's someone giving Indian Mynahs lead poisoning and trapping.

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    Funny how Indian Mynas prefer certain areas. Makes me think they are more territorial than nomadic. So as soon as a pair showed up the other month, I was onto them to make their stay here not so pleasant. Gave them no time to just dawdle around the place. They got the message pretty quick and were gone within a few days, to somewhere less bothersome to them, I suppose.