Went back out today...

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  • Went back out today...

    And did twice as good as last time!

    (excuse the pic, forgot the memory card in the camera and had to use the phone)

    Click image for larger version

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    First one, had issues hitting it because every time I pulled the trigger, it seemed to just move. Clipped it once, followed up with a second to finish it - missed 4 times.
    Luckily for the bunny, it was the last 2 that hit. I actually think there was more coming into play with this though. I set up a target about 25m out when we got there to make sure it was accurate with the barras, sure enough - dead on. So I'm prone, with the shroud poking through some chicken wire and there's a couple of long blades of grass sticking up - basically a little camo, and I think the grass and the chicken wire were sending the shots off. After that, no bunnies, but there were a few on the other side of the paddock, so I scoot around a heap of cover so I don't spook any of them, but they're onto me and scoot. I take up position near a Shed that borders the neighbours horse paddock - There's a horse. I'm worried I may spook the horse, so I try to move past. He follows. I see a bunny about 40m away, and I'm not sure of my holdover, so I get a bit closer. I get to about 35m and I'm behind a stack of logs with the bipod set, bunny is in sight but facing away. I'm waiting for a better shot, it's not happening but suddenly he sticks his head straight up. I've got a good view of the back of the head and I holdover 1+3/4- 2mildots, squeeze, and his head drops. I go to check, he's down. Straight through the back of the head and out his nose - one of his eyes almost fully out. Wow, I can not believe it was that perfect. That was the last pellet in the magazine too. After the first six, I took a couple of sighting shots to make sure it was on, and it was, so I had another clip ready to go - not necessary.

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    Sounds like a great day out mate, well done.
    Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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      Must be a great feeling taking home so meat for the family. Well done.



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        Click image for larger version

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          Well done!
          Is that a .22 or .177?

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          Originally posted by SuburbanMe" post=43018
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        Good shooting - And good Field-Craft too BTW
        "For it is the doom of men that they forget"