Field dressing rabbits

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  • Field dressing rabbits

    Seeing as how rabbits are most probably the most hunted edible quarry by us Air-Gunners I thought it would be useful to have thread dedicated to field dressing them

    This guy does a very good job of it IMO
    "For it is the doom of men that they forget"

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    It is an effective way, I have been using his method for sometime now (used it last night for some dog food bunnies I shot).

    I have posted before and Burp put up his method which looks great also.

    I generally dont squeeze the guts out as it requires too much effort, just knife them.


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      I saw this clip some time ago, thought it was fantastic, and decided I'd give it a go myself, as he makes it look so easy.

      I still haven't tried it as I haven't been out bunny busting, and no doubt it looks easy as he has the technique mastered,..........I'll no doubt end up covered in rabbit gut


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          Always been a fan of the `shirt and trousers` method of skinning myself too Plus checking the liver is`nt a problem this way either you just have a quick look once you`ve blown it out it`s arse
          "For it is the doom of men that they forget"


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            Originally posted by Druid 66" post=39540
            Always been a fan of the `shirt and trousers` method of skinning myself too
            Same here.
            Run the knife across it's back, insert fingers & strip the skin off either end.
            Chop the head & legs off with a machete or tomahawk.
            Carefully cut around the Anus from the outside & thru the pelvis between the legs & all the way to the ribs. Crack the pelvis open. (females are easier to do this)
            Grab the shoulders in one hand & the rump in the other, with Rabbit right side up, give it a flick whilst bending its back at the same time & holding the now cracked pelvis open.
            The guts all fall out without even touching them (not that it bothers me)

            Perfectly clean, short gutted Rabbit in less than a minute.
            Short gutted means it still has its heart & lungs in which will not spoil like the guts.

            I think you will find that the "squeeze it out the arse method" would fail health inspection for Human consumption, even though the stomach contents remain intact, there are other fluids around the gut that would make it fail a formal health inspectors examination.