Rabbits meet the Air Ranger

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  • Rabbits meet the Air Ranger

    Hi Peoples,

    this is the next installment of Rabbits meet the "air gun family" at a neighbors property , and today its the .22 Air Ranger Extreme, well regulated to 55fpe. Yep it hits like a hammer and accurate as well.

    I did detune it to 30fpe at one stage but what the hell if it can do a regulated 55fpe and still accurate with H&N 21.14gr a tad over 1000fps, 25.4 Jsb jumbo and 29gr hurrincane's at 920fps, then why not. Get about 40 shots so its more than enough for a casual nights pest control.

    There are lots of rabbits in the surrounding areas, its going to keep me busy for sometime.
    Shooting during daylight hours is much more enjoyable than in the dark with NV gear.


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    Nice bag Plinker.

    Can you tell me a bit about the night vision you mentioned? Do you think it's worth the dollars?


    • Plinker
      Plinker commented
      Editing a comment
      Nite Site NS 200, works really well, and I think worth the money.
      There are heaps of reviews and tips on youtube.
      A good Tripod and HOGS saddle is the way to go with NV gear like nitesite.

      Once it gets to dark to see you just pop on the NS 200 and away you go.