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  • Beeman Crow Magnum iii

    One on used guns in .25, never been a fan of break barrels but someone else might be.

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    Hi Burg Beeman Crow Magnum or Theoben Eliminator is one of my most favourite break barrel air rifles ever.
    If I ever come across one in .22 cal. I'll buy it, That one looks good though.


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      Saw that too, short range monster IMO, according to Theoben website it looses to the .20 &.22 beyond 50m or so. Maybe find a spare barrel in .20 or .22?

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    I saw that, felt my heart bounce a couple of times then had to say "No Simon, no!"


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      I was looking for one of these or a English Webley Patriot / kodiak for ages, I gave up and ended up buying the HW80.

      There has been a couple of Patriots (and now this crow mag) come on the market of late .... If someone doesnt buy this one quick there maybe another HW 80 for sale



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        These are a beautiful rifle but you'll need your daily Weeties to cock it if it is set up right. If I remember correctly they required 65lbs of cocking effort, they are not the gun you want to be using for regular or repeated range work. They are a great hunting rifle however, which is what they are designed for . If memory serves me correctly they retailed for $1500.00 new.


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          Nice to see some of the old forum users here A big hello to everyone from HPA ( Jeff ) .

          Onto the topic, the Crow magnum for sale is a friend of mines gun, awesome accuracy, and power to boot, I think he has it chornied at 780 to 800+ fps with 25 grain pellets, around the 29 to 30 FPE range. I know a a lot of shooters would think the .22 to be a better calibre, but I can tell you in these guns the .25 is a genuine 50 to 60 yard air rifle, has the potential ( due to the accuracy) of 100 yard shots, as the power is there, but im not suggesting to shoot at that range. The gas ram system is a delight, and yes hard to cock, but so smooth to fire. The Crow magnum is a very high quality air rifle and in my opinion worth every penny.

          Also Theoben USA are up and running with potters as there distributor, I believe they will focus on the PCP range of air rifles while Impact will rebuild the Springers, or gas ram guns. Spares are available from Theoben USA as we have bought seal kits for gas ram guns.



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            Hi Jeff and welcome mate - Great news about Theoben aye - I really fancy that .25 Cal one on Used Guns at the moment