Anyone suggest a quiet airgun

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  • Anyone suggest a quiet airgun

    I went out and got the new gamo shadow and bloody oath its loud.
    I now want to sell it and get a new quiter type it just makes more noise than my .22

    any suggestions ?


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    An MRod mate, I love mine


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      My 9mm Windy City is only 73dB.

      That's pretty good.


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        I have a Benjamin Trail NP in .22, it's very quiet. More than powerful enough to knock bunnies but has no supersonic crack, it's more of a muffled "thwock" sound. This YouTube clip shows what I mean, and the bloke in the clip recommends this rifle as being a good backyard plinking airgun "as long as your city ordinances allow it" :P


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          Give the rifle a chance to run in, after maybe a tin of pellets.

          This will allow much of the excess lube to blow and diesel out, and the spring to settle and bed in.

          Use heavier pellets.