Where do you get RWS superdomes

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  • Where do you get RWS superdomes

    Hi all.
    First post on new forum - Ive gotta say its different - but I'll reserve full judgement for a later date.
    To the question at hand.
    Where do you get or where is the best place to get superdomes in 177?
    I got three pellets that shoot great in the prosport - but I like shooting it so I thought I might get some to try. All pellets it likes are domed:
    H&N FTT, Cometa exacts & JSB exacts.
    Its another excuse to get it out of the safe.
    Went to the LGS - not in their list of available RWS pellets...
    So where do you get them? A quick google search does not reveal very much in the way of stockists.
    Any info you could give is appreciated.
    Sako 85 .204 ruger
    Tikka Hunter .260 Rem.
    ATA 686 O/U 12 gauge
    ADLER 12g 20inch
    Anshutz 1416 .22
    Air Arms Prosport .177

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    I got mine from Claytons Firearms in Vic


    • zippo
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      Thanks Matt.
      Google search indicated they had them.
      Surely their must be other sources for them...