Lubing air rifle pellets.

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  • Lubing air rifle pellets.

    Does anyone do it?

    On the advice I read on a forum in the UK, I bought some 'Finish Line' dry Teflon bike lube (it's for chains).
    The deal is wash your pellets in warm soapy water then drain them and let them dry (or use a hair dryer like I did coz I'm impatient!)
    Once dry, put your pellets back in their tin and put 4-5 drops (you don't want to much) on the inside of the lid, put it back on and then gently turn he container end over end to evenly distribute the lube over the pellets. Then your done!

    It's apparently meant to increase accuracy and decrease fouling. Some some it can increase velocity and then some say it lowers velocity. I have to admit that when I done it, it didn't seem to make any difference to anything. BUT, I'm shooting the '80 better now than I did back then, due to familiarity, so I think I'll have to do it again.

    What I'll do is take pics of the process next time and I'll put them up for people to see. I'll also show group sizes between lubed an un-lubed and I'll put both groups over the chronograph to see if there's any difference there. Stay posted..

    But would like to hear if anyone else has lubed their pellets - and with what, and what were the results?


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    I always lube my pellets. I use one drop of silicone oil per tin and shake until all pellets are lubed.

    I usually get a telling off when I tell people how I lube, so please, not this time?



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      I may be wrong but by turning the tin over and over must deform some of the pellets, that can't be helpful for accuracy.
      I know some people spray a quick shot of WD40 to lube pellets. Some have used case lube to lubricate pellets.
      Back when I was right into pistol shooting (before the buy back), I used a small sizer to size my pellets. It actually worked, as at the time I did a side by side comparison test with a competition air rifle and the sized pellets won hands down.
      Just for your info.
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      • BadboyMelvin
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        Gently turning the pellets in the container didn't seem to deform them. When doing it, deforming them is always in the back of your mind so you just naturally seem to do it slowly.

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      I use a quick puff of silicone spray,
      I would have also heard that washing pellets in a warm mild soap solution before you lube them can assist in accuracy/speed


      • mattw975
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        Some top FT shooters, size, sort, wash, sieve, dry & lube their pellets.

      • Druid 66
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        Yep - Lubing, sizing and weighing your ammunition is going to give you the very best in accuracy for any of your rifles - Personally though I think life`s to short for all that shenanigans :P

        My own tried and tested / lazy method is just to stick to the ammo that best suits my rifle - NEVER SHAKE MY PELLETS! and bung out any dodgy looking items with bent skirts.

        BTW It is often said that for HPA Air Guns (both PCP or CO2) lightly lubing the pellets as described is highly recommended - However in a springer it`s not really necessary as the guns greased internals help to lube the barrel anyway... "Not sure about Gas Rams mind?!" ....

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      I bought a can of spray olive oil got my rifle, so it doesn't matter if it gets on my hands etc maybe try a skin friendly spray.


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        Pellets are coated in graphite arent they?
        which would be a pretty decent lube for metals anyway


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          I've been lubing pellets for years, first with Nick Jenkinson's Accuracy Plus, and then later and up to now with Dry Lubes like the one you mentioned.

          3 in 1 now make a dry lube which contains PTFE. This makes the pellets very slippery without feeling wet.

          If you wash your pellets over a plastic sieve, you will notice a few particles of swarth being washed away. Its super critical that you dry the pellets thoroughly.
          I put some of the lube in a plastic bag and roll them around gently, making sure all are coated, I then gently roll them on a rag before putting them in a pellet pouch.
          The rag can be kept in the plastic bag for future use.

          IMHO lubing can do nothing but good, it certainly hasn't done my PCP rifles any harm and one is over 25 years old.

          Good luck.

          And safe shooting.