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  • Tuners/gunsmiths in Victoria

    Hey again everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a good gunsmith/tuner for air rifles in Vic (specifically sth east 'burbs).

    Anything and everything is welcome guys!



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    What do you have that needs tuning?
    If its just fitting a kit - you can do it yourself.
    I'm in the SE burbs but won't be around till the end of Oct.


    • grmkc
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      I'm around and in the SE as well. Happy to lend a hand. What rifle are we talking about and what needs doing?

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    Both Nigel & Geoff are very capable chaps in terms of fettling a springer.

    I've made custom tuning bits for both chaps for their HW's & would be happy to do the same for you if you then wanted to tee up with either of them to fit bits, etc.

    PM me your email address & I'll send out the list of services I can offer the Aussie Airgun community


    Matt W


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      Hey Guys,

      I don't have anything right now - Just got off the phone with the licensing guys regarding an issue with my PTA - it's really never ending - but atleast they are decent to deal with.

      I'm getting an M-Rod, and just wanted to know who and where I can take it if anything needs to be done to it. I'd also be especially keen if someone could teach me a few things with it too - General servicing, that type of thing. I've found it's always good to be shown rather than just bluffing your way through things.

      I'll probably head on down to the dandy ssaa range most of the time, but would love to shoot with some other air gunners.


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        Hey Luke,
        Start here - http://www.shootingaustralia.net/forum/air-rifles/224-benjamin-marauder-workshop

        Talk to Druid, Billybushcook and Harley amongst others about Marauder tuning.

        Start a thread when you get around to needing to work on it and the guys will jump in and help.

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      Great advice guys, I've gone through the marauder workshop about a dozen or so times on the other site, I might go through it again and write down a list of things I want to know and address them that way.

      You guys say the PCP knowledge out there is limited - I found that with springers too, and so many people push you to spend just a little bit more. I was originally interested in a Benji trail NPXL, kept getting told to spend a bit more and get a Beeman. While I understand this, and entertained it for a while, I had a budget. But it didn't stop there, "if you want accuracy, get a PCP" was what I heard next. So back to the crosman site I went and I saw this marauder thing, found the other site, read what you guys wrote, found the marauder forums, crosman forums etc... and decided to get one. So I've made up my mind, and then I get people telling me to get an FX or an Air Arms, or even one of the Eungins. I just have to shake my head, I should always get something else, something more expensive. Easy to do when you're spending someone elses money huh? :P

      Just to throw it out there, I have shot springers and pumpers before, not a PCP - but I figure it'd be like a high end anchutz springer or a pumper in regards to pre-coil - in a sense - none. I owned a shitty pumper in the states, shot an anchutz at a range a couple of times ( still hve my targets too!), and numerous other springers over the years.


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        I have a Marauder & tuned springers. Deep down I prefer the springers as they have soul & I have tuned them to my liking.

        The MRod has a great trigger, is accurate & has been modified to suit me.

        Whatever you choose, just enjoy your hobby

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        "You guys say the PCP knowledge out there is limited"
        Yes and No, there are others on this forum that tune and make PCPs bits like transfer ports, Druid and myself have done this to detune our guns.

        So the journey starts, and its a worth while journey, tasks like cleaning the barrel, putting in a depinger, setting up the trigger etc can all be done and knowledge can be acquired from people on the forum. (although the trigger on the marauder is ok, IMHO)

        It can be a bit of a "what the hell am I doing" but after you see how they work, and there are lots of videos on youtube on how to, it becomes second nature to open the guns up and replace o-rings and work on the guns, take you time, take photos of each step and safety first ie degas the gun before opening, making it safe.

        "I had a budget"
        if the marauder is in your budget then that's good, but in the end you get what you pay for. High end guns do cost more, but I still really like my .25 marauder, its fantastic value for the price, very accurate, tunable, you get a lot of accuracy and gun for the price. I have FX and Daystate and Evanix air guns also. I just ordered a bullpup stock for my .25, its really accurate and shoots really well, and about a third to a quarter of the cost of my other rifles.

        The marauder can be tuned but you are going to need a chrony. Sorry but you are really going to need a chrony to tune it.

        We can help you with the settings and explanation of how the gun works, the right spring to use the hammer pre-load etc.
        A few of us have had quite a bit of experience with the gun, and are hear to help if required. They are also quite easy to open up and service.

        I have a bias to the .25 for the green mountain barrel, and I have the .25, but others here have the .22 and .177, and had good results.

        Your not going to get a Daystate / HW /FX quality for the price, and I have not shot or seen the newer versions from oleg, but it should be ok, the .22 have a really tight choke on them and can be a little fussy on pellets, so a selection of different pellets to start with would be good. run a few hundred pellets through the barrel clean it, and then test again for the best pellet.

        Don't worry about getting it tuned to early, put about 1000 pellets down the barrel, then put the results into graph with the settings ie spring preload, hammer striker and velocityport/tranfer port and we can help you out to get a good tune. Its worth while.

        The problem is that without shooting the guns and seeing the difference in person its hard to gauge the difference between the choices in front of you. Everyone has their own biases on what they have bought and use as that is what they know the most.

        The FX dealer hermans give good support, and know their guns really well, Oleg know his guns and is good to deal with.

        In the end there is a l lot of knowledge here in the collected people that frequent this forum now, and you are very welcome keep asking questions, to help you formulate your thoughts and make a informed decision. Hopefully someone in Vic will offer to take you out to a range for a shoot with a PCP that you are planning to purchase.


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      I've got money on a Marauder, so expect some Questions!

      Getting it through Oleg, should have it within the next 2 weeks.

      My Mrs, is getting her license soon too. Gonna get her a nice springer, but not something that costs the earth. I liked the look of some of those chinese springers someone posted in another thread, but would love to know how they shoot. On gunsite.com.au Jeff has a couple of beemans (X2 dual cal, and the RS2 dual Cal), I was thinking something like that, probably the RS2 would be a good option. opinions?


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        It depends how much your or your wife wants to spend and what she wants.

        200$ - 400$ any descent used gun that has a good reputation. Tf78, cheap gamos, overpowered hatsans.

        400$-500$ weihruach hw50s (i own and highly recommend pm me if you need any advice on one ) some nice Diana rifles and some higher end gamos that i wouldn't recommend.

        500$-700$ weihrauch! Hw97, hw77, hw80 and many more marvelous rifles!

        Also what is your mrs looking for?
        Is she very strong- will she be able to cock the rifle, will she be able to hold it in the field for a while?
        Target or hunter?
        Target: i use my hw50s for target and while its fine and gets me very acceptable places i think a hw97k is hard to beat for a comp rifle accurate, sturdy, reliable, tunable and a good all round gun.

        Hunter: for hunting you may need to step up the power depending on what your hunting but you want something that is reasonably light an maneuverable, it may be better if it is more compacted aswelll depending on where your hunting.

        What id recommend.
        Target: id be looking at picking up an old target rifle such as an old Anschutz or Feinwerkbau although rarely coming up at those prices i have seen them.

        Hunter: Depending on your average distance of shot taking is what id choose velocity for, I'm pretty much always under 50m so i choose 800fps in 177 the lower the velocity generally the more accurate so no use throwing extra speed for no purpose besides risking a less then fatal shot. if your shooting over 50m with a spring id start looking at magnum powered rifles the rifles i would recommend are lower end Diana 34's as their german, there are also stoeger and gamo which i have no experience with or you could get a tf 78 a good tunable co2 air rifle bit i wouldn't recommend hunting past around 30m with it but thats my opinion as its shooting at 700fps in 177cal

        Target: id still Be looking for an old used anshutz or feinwerkbau but your options for field target, feild rifle, 3p and sillohette open up as select diana 34 mode,s eg: diana 34 prof comp are good compact crossover type rifles same goes with the hw50s they are more field rifles but can and are used in comps with great results whats better is they don't cost the world! I've entered my hw50s in plenty of comps and i am placing up against 3000$+ setups! My setup is 720$ total with rifle, scope, tuning kit and muzzle weight!

        I think the Diana 34 models and my hw50s would be good contenders for hunting in this price range to or you could find a nice used hw80.The hw50s is 800fps so it will give a good kick till around 50m on small critters such as rabbits and birds, the diana and hw80 will go 1000fps which will lay out the path for another 10-20m of humane shooting.
        Note: a hw50s is great for smaller statured people as it is small, light and easy to cock.

        Target: HW97k! A good, solid, accurate, tunable and great all round gun probaly the most well know spring rifle for both target and hunting.

        Hunting: id also consider the hw97k in this department but a hw77 or hw80 would be lighter making it easy to carry in the field and maneuver aswelll as make the rifles pointing ability better.
        God this has taken forever to type!
        I hope i helped!

      • mattw975
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        If its a springer she is going to have, stick to a Weihrauch or Diana. They are built to last, hold their value & tune well.

        Depending on her frame will dictate what she can manage.

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        A lot of the guys here think the world of the HW series of air rifles. I am sure that they will offer good advice on them. So for a springer I would say HW.

        If you were wanting a CO2 unit there are a few you can look at. I have several and love them. My safe has a Umarex 850, TF78 and Crossman 1077. For feathers I would suggest the Umarex 850 in .177 and the TF for bunnies in .22. The Crossman is a toy really, but fun being a semi auto.

        When it comes to PPC their are heaps and heaps to choose from.

        What ever you end up buying I really hope you like what you buy and enjoy the experience of buying.


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      The mrod is a awesome gun to start with does not kill the bank account and so many mods to do to it. They are very accurate out of the box Either target or hunting im sure a smile will be on your face.
      Either way if you take advice from the members here you will have a good rifle.