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    Hi Guys, I bought my son an Gamo .177 air rifle. I was wondering is this sufficient for rabbits and what distance would be in the kill zone? apparently is is a 1000fps

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    From what I've learned, I'd say yeah .177 is fine for bunnies as long as you use a heavy pellet (14grains+), and limit the shooting distance to about 40mtrs.

    Let's see if someone with actual knowledge corrects me, because I'm seriously new to it all as well, so don't take what i said as gospel, just me having a crack and testing what I've learned.


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      You'll find it tough to find an accurate .177 14 grain pellet.
      gamo advertise there rifles fps using very light pellets (5 grains) they only do this as a selling point where other brands give you a good indicator.
      this means you'll really be getting closer to 800fps i think you'd be fine with most popular pellets, id stick With around 8 to 10 grains.
      I have an air rifle that will shoot around the same fps and i would limit rabbits with head shots to about 40m and birds body and head shots to 50m.

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    You will be fine, anything from 8-11gr will provide enough smack. Just remember the 1000FPS is a gimick, have a search around and find out what the real FPS is. my Stoeger x10 .177 shoots the 8.64gr FTTP at close to 860FPS which is enough, 14FPE

    Remember guys, just cause it is a .177 doesn't mean it can't get the job done. it has a flatter trajectory than .22 springers and more velocity. you might not have as much thump, but you will definitely have more penetration. Just try to keep you're shots humane as with any rifle/caliber. I've taken game with mine no problems. Last time i shot it, i used Gamo Expanders and was within 25m, they did one heck of a job that's for sure.




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      The lads have all given you good sound advice

      The main three recommendations I`d like to add are:

      1, With some extensive target practice first on paper targets and with several types of high quality brands (Re: H&N JSB & RWS) firstly determine which pellet is the most accurate ammunition for your rifle.

      2, Determine your personal maximum hunting range by first proving how many times you can reliably group 5 consecutive shots within in a 40mm circle.

      3, Practice these humane hunting groups in only true hunter-field positions including prone, kneeling, sitting and standing.

      BTW The exact power output of any type of rifle can truly only be calculated by the use of a reliable chronograph in good light conditions.

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    The first question I have is which .177 GAMO is it ?


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      HI Jas,
      I have a Gamo shadow CSI,
      It is adequate for rabbits however I only headshoot them,
      I have never chrony'd my gamo but when I use PBA ammo or polymags it cracks the 1000fps mark.