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    So I'm seriously getting gittery, it's that close til I have my license, and I'm reading a heap online and came across this:

    Main part I wanna point out is that in the comparison of M-Rod .177 or HW100, one poster pointed out this:

    Just to provide a metric for the HW100, with a TRULY expert shooter -- 'snypercat' (Emma Luke) on YT, the .177 HW100 can hit & break through a tin can at 200m. That's right, I said 200 meters.
    So, Anyone tried ANYTHING with their M-Rods out at this distance other than perhaps Harley and his .25?

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    I have shot better groups with my FX Cyclone at 100 yds than my .243 . So I am sure it can be done.

    It was a very still day ideal for the airgun and I was developing a load up for the 243 at the time and testing ladder loads so while waiting for the 243 to cool between groups I was playing with the FX and had knocked all the cans over so shot a group at 100yds and it was 2-3". Fortunatly some of the 243 groups were better when I found the right load .


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      Hi, I shoot mynors birds very consistently at up to 90meters off the power lines with the 177 HW100, I have a gap between 2 sheds that gives me about 30 to 90meters of power line, all shots are from a rest, up to 50meters its a sure thing but the wind comes into play after that and if the light is right I can see the pellet in flight and can guage the next shot if they dont fly off, never tried the 200meter shots but dont see why not if every thing is right.............Peter


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        Hi SuburbanMe 94m not 200m plinking, but relevant I think.

        I have just recently in the last few weeks taken to plinking out to 94m on NRA spinners, with my Air Ranger tuned to 35fpe shooting jsb 18.1 at 926 fps.
        Now with this tune I can hit the spinners about 9 times out of ten, and that's was with 12cm of wind adjustment at 100 or 20 full clicks on the scope.
        When there is little or next to no wind its close to 100% hits, prone shooting off a bipod. But this gun come with a price tag to match, and its tuned with a custom transfer port, spring, its regulated to 140bar, trigger that I have spend many hours tuning to get it right.

        Old dog is right about the wind, I have found that the lighter the pellet the more wind drift especially after 50m, reading the wind is the hard part.

        I do have a marauder in .25 and will see if I can try some longer range shooting with that, there are some good reports of the .25 hitting targets at 100m with jsb kings. Mine shoots really well at 50 and I can't see why it would not shoot well out to 100 m, accuracy of the green mountain barrel company that is used in the .25 Marauder is well established.

        Fx Revolution using 16g not as good, but yet to put enough rounds through it at 94m to make any conclusions, I think the wind has more of an effect on the 16gr, they are coming out at 930fps.

        In saying all this I am not sure I would try and hit a rabbit in the head at 100m, its my preference to get within 50m, but for longer range plinking 100m its challenging and fun.

        If I was thinking of the .177 marauder or HW, I would go the HW100 without a doubt. in .22 or .177.
        Some people will point to the over powered .177 HW on teds videos etc, but there are two videos one at I think it was 30fpe and another at around 12fpe that Ted tuned. So its tuneable (yeah baby) and the overpowered .177 only has spiraling pellets after about 40m, its only if you want to shoot at greater distances it would be a big problem, but in saying that I would most likely detune the gun, or get it ordered in about 18fpe.

        If you are trying to shoot long range, a gun that shoot a medium weight pellet for the caliber you choose like the .22 jsb 18.1or jsb 25.4gr in.25 with a good BC at 880-920 fps is about what you need to get accuracy. My Marauder shoots the jsb 25.4 kings most accurately at 880fps.

        Lastly I could only hope to recapture the first time I got my hands on a PCP, I think gittery is just the start. Its not a Addiction in the chemical sense, but something that is infectious welcome to the club.....Potter firearms and ACME firearms sell the chems, (sorry pellets) you will need to feed the gitters.