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  • Mathematical scope adjustment

    HI all,
    Usually when I zero a scope I basically chase chase my shot strings around via windage and elevation until I get consistent groups of less than 10mm at 10M,
    Recently I used an app on my phone that calculates the adjustment by where you place your shots on the target on the app,
    I was pleasantly surprised, did a 5 round group and put my shot placement onto the app and it gave me my corrections in clicks up/down - left/right,
    App is called sight set,
    Would recommend it for anyone trying to zero their airgun,

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    Thanks CS. Will try and find it.
    Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.


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      Sounds interesting I'll have to look that one up.

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    What target did you choose when you set it up


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      How to zero in 2 shots:

      Or am I missing something here being Air rifles?



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        I think the OP was refering to the maths needed to make adjustments at 10m when the scope adjustments are calibrated for 100m eg; 1 click = 1/2 inch at 100 yds.

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        That's a perfect method if your rifle is a laser and 1 holer. Ideally I suggest fireing a group of 3-5 and centre in the middle of your group. And your rifle set up so you don't have to hold it in position. If your rifle is shooting a 2" group then you just zeroed your rifle on the possible edge.

        Great post none the less john23 it explains a simple method very clearly. Even when sound is off (-;

        Edit. I meant to quote johns video instead I made a general reply