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    A you know, you can get sample packs from your LGS for Gamo and H&N. The pellet included in the H&N pack aren't what we would normally purchase for our ARs. There is no RWS sample pack that I am aware of either.

    I can put together sample packs consisting of RWS, H&N and JSB pellets. The reason was that I wanted to cover the higher end range of pellets and to provide new comers and owners of new guns an opportunity to try the higher end brands. The packs are more directed at non PCP rifles.

    At this stage, my thinking for the 0.177 sample pack is 35 each of RWS Superdome, RWS Super H Point, RWS Supermag, H&N FTT 4.50mm, FTT 4.51mm FTT 4.52mm and JSB Exacts. I can change the combinations as required. The 0.22 sample pack consist of 30 of each of RWS Superdome, Super Point extreme, Super H point, FTT 5.53mm, FTT 5.54mm, FTT 5.55mm and JSB Exact. Customised as required.

    Send me a PM if you are interested.

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    I will as soon as I can work out how to use this new site.


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      PM sent Geoff.




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        PM sent


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          sounds good to me too- now I just need to remember how many air rifles we have so I can get enough packs in the right calibres...........

          PM on the way
          all times wasted wots not spent shootin'