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  • HW35

    This is a cross post from the other place. Its about the rebuild of my HW35...all new bits and bobs built and installed and then....

    Hi All

    Ok its time for thinking caps.

    I put the air rifle back together, nicely greased with all parts where they should be. New spring, top hats, thrust washer, guide and it wouldnt cock

    Pulled it all apart

    Put it back together with all the bits but with the old spring, and it wouldnt cock.

    Pulled it apart

    Removed the spring guide, put in the old one, and it wouldnt cock

    Pulled it apart

    Removed the top hat and it cocked!

    I could really use some input.


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    Just a follow up...also a cross post

    Hi Again...

    Here is a good tip. When you are just about to remove the trigger assembly from an air rifle score down either side of the trigger housing. This will, believe me, make it a lot easier to replace the trigger assembly when it is removed.

    Now. My number 1 son and I did the following:

    Filed back the top hat...wouldnt cock

    so we

    removed the thrust washer...wouldnt cock

    so we

    cut off 3mm of the top hat...wouldnt cock

    so we

    we removed the thrust washer and cut another 3mm off the top hat...wouldnt cock

    so we

    decided no more thrust washer.

    then we

    left the somewhat smaller top hat in place and used the original spring guide...and it cocked.

    then we

    cut a small amount, and 3mm off the new guide, rechamfered it...wouldnt cock

    so we

    removed the new guide and replaced the old guide and it cocked....and cocked and cocked!!

    So where are we. No thrust washer at all....no new guide ( used the old one)...the top hat is now smaller....and it uses the old spring...new breech washer.....and it cocks...

    This is FUN......I have had a ball!!!!

    I think we have just about done all we can do...it works..it has a top hat and I am happy. Number one son thinks he has learned a lot...and so I have I.

    Any thoughts are welcome.



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      Lets think back before this all began. The HW35 was not putting out the 500fps that it should have been. I had wanted to sell it and get a newie. It was putting out a lousy 366 fps.

      A few guys on here gave me a bit of a telling to do it up myself and learn a little bit on the way. They offered support...heaps of it. I am thankful to them for this.

      Pulling the air rifle apart was not a big thing. Just did it bit by bit until it was all apart. I became some what intimate with the parts as I cleaned them. I learnt what they did and how they work. Importantly I learnt what they should not look like. By ordering parts from the schematic at Chambers I also got a better idea. I am not an air rifle wizard at all but I know a little now...but a lot more than I did.

      Its all done now and back together. Perhaps not as much newer on the inside as I and Matt would have hoped but none the less its done.

      I have just put the rifle over the chrony and these are the figures.


      so thats an average speed of 494.7., and a spread of 19 fps.

      I think that is great!!! I could not be happier.


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    Good news!! My new seal and adapter kit has arrived at A and P and for $37 delivered its going in! This will/should/might/could give me those few fps I am chasing.



    • Riz
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      My prediction was that it wouldn't make a huge difference, so I could end up with egg on my face here... :lol: