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  • Flattest Shot String

    Alrighty lads... lay em on the table...

    Probably the highlight of my tuning abilities & the finished product before I move to a regulator.
    Spring selection & a little device I came up with that sits inside the end of the tank, MUCH simpler than a regulator & takes up as much space as a 50c coin.
    First 30shots are supreme, then it drops off.

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    Benjamin Marauder .22cal
    HST = 5 C HT = 1 C V = 4 CC
    H & N Barracuda's 21.14gr
    AveME= 33fpe

    Side column = FPS
    Bottom = shot count

    This was posted in another forum ages ago and I can't find the actual string numbers but here's mine. Since then I have 'fiddled' with the settings and haven't been able to get it back to that standard. Yet...

    aut viam inveniam aut faciam
    "I shall either find a way or make one." - Hannibal.


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      Hey Nate did you by any chance fiddle with the valve spring, if you have is it hard to get to?