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  • Hunter Field Target Competition

    Hi all,
    New guy here with a question, but before I get to that I had best give a brief outline of the reasons I get to this point.

    I am a life long hunter and shooter. Travel for work put a crimp on the general target stuff over the past 3 years (never the hunting however ) but for various reasons I have told work where they can stick the regular travel and now just go a few time a year to fix the disasters of other people (happy days!). To utilise my new free time I decided that I would follow up a long held desire to get into air rifle hunting in a bigger way. I had dabbled in the past using a HW77 and later a Styer PCP which I used for silhouette and had great fun so what the hell.

    After much research (that is spelt drooling, fondling, borrowing ,shooting and cuddling various rifles - you know the drill) I settled on an FX 400 Royale in .22 which I have ordered, and who's arrival I now wait. During this process I also had a message from God who said "Michael, I really think you should have an FX Boss .30 as well". Being a God fearing man I obeyed him. This also explains why I never have any bloody money. Quite a few toys, but no money.

    All that gets me back to my question which is where is Hunter Field Target being shot so I can get some practice in with the .22? I am at Beachmere (just south of Bribie Island) and a bit of travel is no problem.

    Many thanks

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    I'm sure there will be a few of the usual suspects able to fill you in.

    There's a bit of info here - Field Target Championships.
    That link is to the old site - many of the regulars will be along in due course.

    At least you're in the right state for some organised activity.


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      Michael, Have a look here mate if you have any questions ask away. At this point in time we don't shoot HFT just yet.

      We have just today received approval to shoot FT at SSAA Sunshine Coast (north arm) so we will be getting that up and going soon. SSAA Brisbane also have approval to shoot and will also be kicking off soon, we shoot at Tin Can Bay when we can fit things in and Fraser coast also has approval to shoot and shoot periodically.


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        Toppy commented
        Editing a comment
        Many thanks for the reply's Chris & Nigel-I.

        I will keep an ear to the ground to see when things are going to kick off. If you need a hand at the club level to get things moving I am happy to get involved and give a bit of time. I know how hard it can be to get bodies on the ground when you need them as I was an RO at Silverdale for 20 odd years.

        I assume that there would be no problem in me having a look at the championships at Tin Can Bay. I dare say a couple of hours spent having a nose about would be a good start to my education and highlight all the things I do not know!.

        Again, many thanks for your replies.