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  • Quick scope?

    Hello there,
    So Looking for a scope for my new springer.
    Claimed 20lb hw80.
    I think I have pretty much been sold on a hawke air max 3-9x50
    And local shop has a few ( potters)

    Would this be ok for target shooting out to 100m
    I tested the 80 out with a bsa 3-12x44 and it seemed reasonable
    But the previous owner didn't want to part with it.
    Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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    Mate, Have a look at Oz hunting and bows in Vic. They may not have the Airmax EV though. You realise that the Airmax has the MAP6 reticle and not Mildots? Potters has just up their prices because of the exchange rate on their last delivery. I have a Hawke Varmint 4-16x44 SF on my 177 HW95 and 177 HW97K because of the longer flatter trajectory. Great optics and handy 10x1/2 Mildot reticle.
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      Chrisooo commented
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      Ahh cheers , I didn't know the difference .
      The bloke at potters gave me the low down on what's what.
      Ended up with a hawke varmint 2.5 -10x44 sf
      Just need the gun now hey....lol

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    Hi there,

    Hawke's are great AR scopes.

    100M is a bit optimistic for accurate shooting with an AR. Don't expect one hole groups at this range (50M is more feasible on that count).

    If you need any tuning bits for the HW80 let me know, I'm the resident Weihrauch tuner on this & other forums


    Matt W


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      Chrisooo commented
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      Good to know .... Will be in contact in the near future no doubt.