Australian Hunter Ed 46 2013 - Article on Hunting

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  • Australian Hunter Ed 46 2013 - Article on Hunting

    Just had my copy of Australian Hunter delivered in the post today and low and behold, I see that there is an article by Don Caswell on hunting with the Weihrauch HW97K. And, of course it is with FTTs. The interesting bit comes when he claims a feral peacock for the table. Interesting read.

    For the general SSAA membership, hunting with an airgun may be ho hum. But, for those of us who already practice this discipline, we know the intrinsic skills that are involved.

    First the Marauder review in Australian Shooter, now this. Well done the SSAA for supporting our favorite pneumatic sport. The only down side I can see is that everyone chasing a brand that is already hard to get. Maybe this will spur A&P to be more proactive.
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