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  • Customer Service like it used to be - Evanix, Korea

    As you know, I recently repaired a large crack in my pre-loved Evanix Blizzard. The repaired wood is fully functional but I've had the urge to replace the stock when the opportunity arrived. Communicated with a few of the fellas on the forum over the last couple of months to make sure I had all my ducks lined up.

    And behold! I had a closer look at the Evanix site and right down the bottom of the page in fine print was I thought to myself, what the hell. Shot them an email only to received a response within 5 minutes. A further 2 correspondences over the next 30 minutes to confirm details (gun & mine) and a visit to Paypal, and the transaction was completed on Thursday 2:45 pm Melbourne time.

    I just thought that I might see my new Walnut Sporter Stock the other side of the New Year. How wrong was I????????

    Arrived yesterday (Monday), yes, yesterday afternoon. That's what's missing in most businesses of today; exemplary customer service.

    I'll now have a satisfying holiday season and I shall post the updated pic of the Blizz when I can.

    Take care and stay safe.


    PS Forgot to mention that it came with an adjustable butt pad.
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    Thats great service, and im sure the stock will be just as nice!


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      Great to hear mate... Sounds like your going to have a happier Xmas...

      So the repair job didnt work out?


      • grmkc
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        So the repair job didnt work out?
        Hey Luke, it worked fine and is fully functional. I'm a Virgo and eventhough it was repaired, the back of my head kept telling me it wasn't as good as it could be. Appreciate the communique we had a few weeks back regarding stock wood supply. Gunstock had a choice of Sepatia or Walnut at very reasonable price. Lets just say I couldn't buy the blank from Roger Vardy, have Trekkn carve me one plus postage for anywhere near the price I paid.

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      Now that is service....wish our LGS was as good.


      • mattw975
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        Can't argue with that Geoff, do they only supply Evanix stocks ?

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      Now that is customer service, are you sure they didn't get the big fella in the red suit to swing by their place, pick it up and deliver it you as an early Xmas pressie?
      All the best for the festive season