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  • Steyr

    Wonder why not to many people talk about Steyr.

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    Originally posted by JM Caddy" post=43966
    Wonder why not to many people talk about Styer.
    Because its spelt STEYR?


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      Don't see the attraction to them personally.
      The hunter 5 for example is unshrouded, even when shrouded gun's were available. Only 5 shot and well overpriced
      My 2c

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    I would love to have a Hunter 5 0.22 in my safe Jim. If the price sat just below the $2000 around the Fx and HW, there would have been one in my hands already. They have been pushing their powder burners in the magazines but not so much the AR. Probably because there are only the two retailers; Potters and Hermanns.
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      I considered one a couple of years ago.
      Then, they didn't have the features of other brands.
      Unshrouded, (this was before the shroud thing came into question).
      single shot - before the Hunter 5 came out and seriously, a 5 shot mag when everyone elses is twice as big.
      Price point - simply double what they should be.

      Yeah they are nice guns but when you're dropping that kind of coin you'd expect cutting edge features.

      Would I like one - yes
      Am I going to buy one - not any time soon and there's a few others higher up the shopping list.

      Edit - Compare the offering from Hermans.
      He's got the Steyr Hunting 5 for $2300.
      The FX Royale 400 is listed on his site for almost $100 less. It has more power (which can be adjusted), 12 shot Magazine, huge reservoir and a very comfortable stock with altenate hand positions.
      The Steyr's features are probably more aligned with a HW100.

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    Expensive. Too rich for me.

    As for shrouds, when correctly fitted ( and they are not correctly fitted in Australia; the baffles are removed) they help quieten a air guns noise. However even empty shrouds are now removed.

    Real bugga....isnt it?



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      I'd have a one in a heartbeat if the finances would allow it. The lg 110 is an awesome platform and the fact that the current World FT champion uses one speaks volumes.. As to them not being shrouded well in the current market place of new guns it doesn't matter that much as we can't have shrouded guns as their makers intended them so it's no much of an argument any more if you are looking at a new gun. Adjustability is achieved by simply unscrewing the transfer port and inserting another, albeit that you can only go up one or down one level.

      All the Steyr Gear is superbly accurate and reliable, the action on the hunter 5 is simply a work of art and without doubt the fastest repeating action, next to a self loader, that I have ever used! They are a premium piece of gear and that is reflected by the price. The down side of it is they are only a 5 shot but then if they had a larger mag it would stick out the side too far and be unwieldy, but then there aren't too many hunting situations where you need more than 5 shots anyway and besides you can always carry a spare mag or 2! Mag changing is probably quicker than anything else on the market as they simply push in, they are a single operation change, no release leavers etc, just open the action and slot it in.

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    I have an LP50 I am very very happy with her, one hole for five shots (from a vise) groups are a fair bit wider when I shoot it off hand.

    I have put over 5,000 pellets through her and she has never missed a beat, and she is an awful a lot of fun when just "plinking".

    As I understand it the action on the 5 is the same as their biathlon rifle. I am "toing and froing" as to getting a Hunting 5 at the moment, it is expensive, but over priced? Maybe, a superbly built piece of engineering definitely. The new quick fill cylinder is also a definite plus.