Pellet Head Size 5.51 Vs 5.52 Vs 5.53

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  • Pellet Head Size 5.51 Vs 5.52 Vs 5.53

    This thread needs pics.
    Here's some of the text from the old site.

    Pellet Head Size - 5.51 vs 5.52 vs 5.53
    #1 r5t2_nate
    Posted 12 May 2013 - 06:38 PM
    Went to the range & shot like poop... really dissapointed, thought it was just a really bad day...
    They were all over the shop, lost faith in my ability & my equipment.

    Then after getting some Bara Match's in different sizes from my friends at Acme Firearms (best service ever)... thought I'd hit it out again & do some research... so got 1 pack of each - 5.51, 5.52 & 5.53mm

    FYI - A few points:
    - I clean after each visit to the range, 1 patch with innox, 1 dry - repeat 2 maybe 3 times max. I'm not looking for super clean, just remove any "excessive" buildup & get some innox in there for rust etc. The different between 25 & 50 shots is noticable on the patches, so the whole "gets cleaned out on the next shot" thing I dont agree with, otherwise it'd always be 1 pellet of stuff left over!
    - everything is at 50m, from a bipod, outside in bugger all wind
    - AR has had about 500 pellets through it

    Yeap - makes a difference!
    Evanix Blizzard S10 with my C-730 spring
    35 shots taking it from 200Bar down to 150.

    Starting pressure: 200Bar
    10 shots to get the new scope sorted (disreguard the black blotches!)

    Shots 11-15:

    Shots 16-20:

    Shots 21-25:

    Pellet change to 5.52

    5.52mm +++
    Shots 26-30:

    Shots 31-35:

    Notice 26-35 arent a huge variation in height - thats at the 150Bar pressure level which is the peak speed @ around 950fps. 1.5" of rise over 35shots & then it starts to drop back down to 850fps to 100Bar

    Start again - 200Bar
    Pellet change 5.53mm

    Shots 1-5:

    Shots 5-10:

    Shots 11-15:

    (that 6 was an absolute flyer - no where near where it should've been)

    Pellet Change 5.52mm
    Shots 16-20:

    (i was a bit wobbly & probably had to clear the 5.53 mess out of the barrel!)

    Shots 21-25:

    and yeap - I used 5.53's when i was at the range & shot poorly!
    Anyone after some 553's lol...

    #2 Druid 66
    Posted 12 May 2013 - 08:26 PM
    That`s amazing
    Accuracy is Everything

    #3 r5t2_nate

    yeah I'm scratching my noodle on it too!
    So much tuning to get every last bit out of an already "expensive" PCP
    Its a $1300 package, which when compared to a good smallbore setup - doesnt shoot "that well"
    But factor in a little time (which was also due to me being one of the first to tune the Evanix's from what I could find), and then ongoing ammo costs & they hold up very well.

    I'll have to tune for the 28gr next - but 20gr @ 850-950fps with that accuracy isnt too bad to hunt with.
    But i'm happy with the setup so far, maybe a little free floating of the stock - not sure if some sort of bedding would yield any decent results - but from how those groups look, probably not worth the effort & stuffing around.

    #4 Druid 66
    Posted 12 May 2013 - 09:19 PM
    Bloody great I reckon - Best post I`ve seen for a long time actually +1s from me
    Accuracy is Everything

    #5 plinker
    Posted 12 May 2013 - 09:37 PM
    That's a big difference between groups.

    My Monster shoots H&N 5.53 heads fine, actually really well.

    But I will order some different head sizes and do some more testing.

    Some guns will prefer different head sizes due to manufacturing tolerances, which can and does differ between each barrel.

    It just goes to show that you can't predict what pellet a guns likes based on other peoples experiences.


    How many pellets have you put through the barrel since new?
    The reason for the questions is that I have noticed as with others that it takes about 1000 pellets bed in the barrel.

    Do you clean your barrel and if so how?

    I do notice that after a few tins the groups open up in mine, then I clean it and all back to good, this was more noticeable with the jsb 18.1 and 16gr pellets rather than the 21gr H&N


    #6 Cliper
    Posted 12 May 2013 - 10:03 PM

    Chris that should not be a supprise as you are using JSB, and they are of the "soft' variety me thinks..
    It'd be great if some one here could devise a way to test fire a pellet where it wont deform and put it under a microscope . Thing i wonder is how much of the skirt is actually melted of durring the firing, see what kinda deformation takes place in the skirt etc etc..
    Evanix Windy City .22 * * * Cometa Fenix 400 .22 x x x CZ 452 "Merican .22


    #7 Nigel-l
    Posted 12 May 2013 - 10:24 PM

    Great post. That's quite an eye opener.
    I would have thought a tighter fitting pellet would have grouped better than that. I wasn't expecting such a difference between pellets of the same type.
    Gonna have to sort through my tins of Barras now.

    Don't get rid of them.
    I bought a tin of JSBs to try - the old Springer didn't like them, the PCP doesn't care as much. At worst they are the plinkers you let the kids use.

    #8 r5t2_nate
    Posted 12 May 2013 - 11:50 PM
    I'll update the orig...

    I clean after every visit to the range (50-100 shots), 1 innox patch, 1 dry - repeat maybe twice & then final dry patch.
    All shots outside with typically low wind conditions @ 50m
    I've put about 500 pellets through the AR *i think*

    Tighter fitting pellet - it might be deforming a bit more as it gets seated?
    if its deforming a little more, maybe the deformations are slightly uneven?

    #9 A-F
    Posted 13 May 2013 - 11:28 AM
    Hi Nate,

    Thanks for emailing us this thread with your results using H&N Baracuda Match pellets.
    As we tell all our customers, "You just need to test until you find a pellet which suits your barrel and needs".

    We get a lot of feed back from customers and it's interesting to note that there is no 'perfect' pellet which shoots well in all barrels.
    Your results are typical of what's reported.

    As an aside to your results.
    We are constantly impressed with reports and images of tight groups from the most unlikely pellets.
    As an example:-

    Crow Magnums grouping into a thumbnail at 50 metres,
    FTT grouping at 80-90 metres,
    Econ grouping at 50 metres.

    It shows shooters are having fun and trying shots on paper beyond the limits intended by the manufacturer.

    Once again, thanks Nate, keep pushing the boundaries and get the most our of your sport.

    Kind regards,

    Acme Firearms

    #10 Druid 66
    Posted 13 May 2013 - 07:15 PM
    Welcome to the forum Klaus - I reckon you`ll get some good business through here

    That certainly is an impressive array of quality pellets you`ve got in stock there

    Druid 66

    PS Do I get a discount for putting Acme Firearms first in my personal Ammo Archive??
    Accuracy is Everything

    #11 edstar78
    Posted 13 May 2013 - 07:32 PM
    I can vouch for Klaus being an absolute professional gentleman to deal with. I drop around in the work truck occasionally to do some shopping and he is a wealth of knowledge. Always look forward to dropping in again.

    #12 Nigel-l
    Posted 03 Jul 2013 - 10:38 AM
    Big thumbs up for Klaus. I popped in to see him yesterday.
    He's actually just around the corner from where I work - on my home no less.

    Forget trying to find H&N pellets in the local shops - most wouldn't know a decent pellet from a chook pellet.

    Klaus has a huge variety of H&N stuff to suit most needs.

    He didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need, but I left with more stuff than I went in for />
    #13 plinker
    Posted 03 Jul 2013 - 11:13 AM
    I will add to this, when I was first starting out Klaus spent quite a bit of time over the phone with me, when I went over to collect the cleaning kit and pellets etc, he helped me by showing me how to use the products ie we cleaned my gun barrel and how much to use.

    Good bloke, great to deal with and ships products really fast.


    #14 subsuper
    Posted 03 Jul 2013 - 07:11 PM
    Just happened to test the 14 grain H&N 5.55 and 5.53 over the chrony through my HW100 today.
    5.53 grouped marginally better but the speed of the 5.55 was near to 25 fps slower than the 5.53.
    Incidentally, both these H&N pellets group a lot better than the JSb 14 grainers.

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    i'll fix up this post or replace with the proper pics & info soon


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      Nigel-l commented
      Editing a comment
      Credit where it's due - I cited you at the top.
      It's one of my favourite theads as it demonstrates the need for careful testing.
      I would hate to see it get lost.
      Grab the text and drop your pics in. I'll edit it if need be.

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    What the?

    Have no idea what exactly I'm looking at there, or how it'd work. I am curious though.


    • nate
      nate commented
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      electronic targets...
      you shoot through the hole & 4 microphones pick up where the pellet hit. Then transmits back to the screens 50m away.
      Green dots are where the pellets hit, red dot is the last pellet.
      dont worry about all the other numbers - its for scoring matches etc

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    Does anyone know of any pellets available in Australia in 5.6 mm? HPA was going to bring in some of the Defiant Vintage pellets from the UK but apparently that's now on hold.