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  • Merry Christmas


    I am sitting here writing out my Christmas Cards and sending them off to people who have helped me over the year, those I have helped over the year. Those who are family and those who are friends....and those we love.

    Then it dawned on me that there is a lot of people on here as well. Those who I wish to send seasons greetings to. So I decided to start this thread...early perhaps, but thats my way.

    Merry Christmas
    To all


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    Thanks for the seasons greetings Paul. No doubt about it it is upon us now. I am going to use your thread to wish all members seasons greetings and hope everyone has a save holiday break.
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      Was going to leave my wishes until closer to the day, but seeing as you started this, I'll join in too!

      Merry Christmas, seasons Greetings, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza etc... to all, no matter what you celebrate, just have fun and be safe.
      And a Massive Thank you to everyone, Even if you haven't helped me specifically, the fact you're willing to help anyone on here when needed is Awesome!


      • fishphillott
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        Eat drink be merry and shoot furry critters

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      Yep I will go along with this best wishes and happy times thing too.
      All the best for a safe and happy season for all
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      • several
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        All the best people, stay safe and watch out for idiots on the roads, this time of year never fails to amaze me at the number of people who shouldn't be driving.
        Check my avatar, pretty much sums up me and Xmas.

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      Merry Christmas to all, except TLW, cause he hates it .For TLW, Happy Holidays!


      • Greenwich-biker
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        Originally posted by Oddball" post=40128
        Merry Christmas to all, except TLW, cause he hates it .For TLW, Happy Holidays!
        Hey, don't attract his attention - he'll bin this thread

        Best wishes to everybody. I for one am looking forward to a break from work.

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      Merry Christmas Everyone !!!


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        as the holidays start all the idiots are on the road 2 crashes in the last 2 days this is going to be a busy month

        and Merry Xmas to all


        • 17fireball
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          Merry Christmas everyone,not my favourite time of the year due to the commercialisation and extra workload and thanks GOD for this new forum

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        If anyone Lives in Cardwell in QLD, be sure to put up your christmas lights.


        • mattw975
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          Seasons Greetings Paul, a time best savoured with cold beer & warm CO2

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        A very merry xmas to all members and your familys.cheers


        • grmkc
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          Hoping that you and yours have a Cool Yule and a safe NY. May all your firearm dreams come through. And above all, have a very Weihrauch Christmas.

          Sorry. I'm a shooter. not a photographer.

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        A very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all.


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          Hope everyone has a happy, relaxed and safe Christmas and New Years.


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            The last merry christmas I had was about 15 years ago....I'm going fishing on an Alpine river somewhere.

            Have a good day.
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              All the best to everyone. Looking forward to a 2014 filled with much shooting and talk about shooting!




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                Happy Christmas and Merry new year everyone!!!


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                  Merry Christmas Everyone
                  Have a great and safe Christmas and a Happy new year
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