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  • FX Royale Shroud Removal

    Hey guys got a pellet stuck in my shroud and after crying for three days did a heap of research on the net as to how to get it off without damaging my gun.
    After removing the barrel, make sure you mark the spot to align it again as the transfer port that has to be aligned.
    Then you cock the gun and loosen the three screws...... The last one may be a bit tight as it has blue lock-tite on it.

    I then put several layers of masking tape on the barrel and put it in the vice.......... but I also put a water soaked rag on the shroud and on the barrel about 2 inches from where I was heating. One minute with the heat gun on high whilst trying to twist it to tell when its ready and off it came with no damage..... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :P :P

    Give it a clean and we are back in business.......

    And for those of you wanting to know the difference in noise levels......... with no shroud its about as loud on low power as with the shroud is on high power....... IMO....

    On high power with no shroud its as loud as a gas charged nail gun........ so just shoot you 22 with subs.......

    If you want pics PM me...........

    Click image for larger version

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    Begs the question....
    How did you manage to get a pellet stuck in the shroud?


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      I'm not touching this!

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      Shooting on low power.... my mate did a triple feed..:/(