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  • Welcome to The Chamber of Air Heads

    Well someone's got to start proceedings on this brand new, sparkly site.

    I'm Matt (if you don't know)

    I am a self confessed airgun fanatic !!

    I have been since shooting Grandad's BSA Airsporter for the first time back in 1977 as a 6 year old back in Blighty. Since then, Airguns have been one of the constants in my life. I'm an avid reader of all things AR & follow the UK scene still very closely.

    I'm an apprentice served tool maker & degree qualified Mechanical Engineer. Earlier this year I was made redundant & took the plunge to follow my heart. I have started with the support of family, friends & the Aussie Airgunning community a small venture offering servicing, tuning & accessories for Airguns (I'm happy to look at anything, spring, PCP, CO2, etc).

    So if you need help with an Airgun, want to shoot the breeze or just need plain old advice my door is always open.

    Take Care,

    Matt W

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    Hi everyone,
    My name's Nigel and I'm an Airgunaholic.
    It's been three days since I last pulled a trigger.

    I've just been to see my dealer for a fix and there's a couple of thousand pellets in the back of the car.
    Will probably have to go cold turkey until the Saturday afternoon group therapy session.

    Be careful of that Matt character,he'll only feed your addicition.



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      Hi I'm Geoff.

      This is starting to sound like an Alcoholic Anon introduction but our AA stands for Airgun Addicts.

      I've only been into the sports since March and I'm a self confessed addict. Matt and Nigel will attest to that. YES, it's Matt's fault. I have taken on an apprenticeship with our Airgun Wizard Matt and loving every minute of it.

      There isn't a day that goes by without tinkering with the toys. i know I'm new to the game but if I can help, just PM me. If I can't I shall point you in the direction of my airgun career supervisor.

      Current project is tuning my 0.22 HW97K. Just completed the HW95 last week and it now shoots like a dream; just with a puff sound. NO TWANG!

      Happy sharp shooting.
      Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.


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        Hi, I'm David ( aka CJ7HAWK ).

        I have a few airguns, but mostly shoot with an AR6 and even then, mostly at night. It's big and noisy and loud and I don't get many shots from it even though it takes a lot of pumping, but it's nice to have an air rifle that will drop a fox in it's tracks. It's pretty basic. A bipod and a nightscope. But it's fun to shoot with, and I guess that's the most important thing.

        I've been shooting air rifles now for nearly 30 years. I started when I was fifteen, back when they still gave you a firearms license a couple of years before you could drive a car. So for a long time, I had a different license number to my MDL.

        Nice to post here

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      Nice one Matt - As usual you`re right on the ball And seeing as this seems like good a place as any for members to say G`day and introduce themselves I`ll sticky it up for you mate
      "For it is the doom of men that they forget"


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        G'day Matt,

        Found the forum! Blame Druid for letting the cat out! :P

        Look forward to chatting here with everyone.

        aut viam inveniam aut faciam
        "I shall either find a way or make one." - Hannibal.


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          Hey Fellas,
          cheers for the heads up Druid.
          ... this is gonna confuse shit out of me


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            My name is Paul and I live in SA.

            I have already recognized a lot of names here and say Hi! To them.

            For those who do not know me I will fill you in on who I am and what I have been doing.
            I am a retired Robotics teacher having retired a couple of years ago due to I'll health. I do not hunt but do prefer to shoot targets; I have nothing against hunting.

            Of all the rifles I own I much prefer CO2 rifles and have a soft soft spot for Chinese rifles. I also have several PCP rifles as well but may so on quit these. As I write this I have a springer that I am rebuilding with the help of many of the people on this forum. They know how thankful I am to have them as a resource. They have convinced me I can do things with 8 thumbs.

            I also reload and shoot several powder burners.

            I have been a member of a Club and have held several positions such as Rifle Captain, Secretary, Newsletter Editor and many other things. I have now put a lot of that aside to become just a member.

            The realization that writing about on self is not an easy thing to write and can be very boreing so I will leave things at that.

            PS I will put up my avatar when I get used to the way this place works.


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                Hello everyone!

                My name is Josh and I live in Victoria.

                I have had a growing interest in shooting from watching Youtube and I also have a few friends who go hunting. :lol:
                I do not yet own any firearm nor do I own a license yet, but will in the very near future and currently have an AR on order which I plan to target shoot and hunt with.
                I also like ice cream....that is all.


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              Hello everyone ,

              Well it's about time ,I can finally harass you guys with all my sometimes silly little questions .. :lol:
              Here's the quick version.
              11 months and 13 day wait ,for that little card.
              Too much reading changed my decision on which rifle to first get, way to many times to count.
              Couldn't post on last forum ever. Had 2 registered accounts . So with not much need guidance I started a hunt for a pcp.
              This was brief as the words air rifle and local gun shop don't mix. Let alone pcp.
              Online didn't open up any responses also.....
              So more searching led me to a very resourceful chap, who has kindly parted with his pride and joy
              A well cared for hw80. With Maccari Internals .
              So cooling of period is almost done ...........hopefully it was all worth the wait.


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                Hi my name is Laurie and I go by the name of kastar I am also an AA as I have 9 different Air rifles 1 springer the rest are pcp/CO2 some I have only fired 1-2 times I have yet to find a comfortable place to use my toys but am always looking for more cheers Laurie

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              Morning all. I was just passing and I thought the place had a friendly look to it so I thought I'd drop in. Looking forward to shooting the breeze :lol: with you all.


              • grmkc
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                I am a retired Robotics teacher
                There you go. My son is currently doing 2nd year Robotics and Mechatronics. Can't say it let alone spell it. :S

                A well cared for hw80. With Maccari Internals
                Good catch mate.

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              Good to see so many of the lads from the other forum on here already & using the same names too. That'll make it easy.


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                Hi all, made the jump. Most of you blokes know me. Let me just say that I am not an AIrgun Addict like you other blokes. Honest they all just come to visit and never leave (I just can't stand to see a one left homeless). :lol:


                • grmkc
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                  Ah Chris. Not an addict but THE dealar.

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                Gotta love a new AG forum in Aus, good stuff boys.

                Cheers, Andy


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                  Hey Guys!

                  Good to see some familiar names!
                  Well, I'll intro myself anyway, I'm Luke, from Victoria.



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                    Hey Matt,

                    i thought i would come over and check it out, thanks to Druid haha