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    Any input on the Niko Air King 4-12X42 AO( model NGRA41242) looking for feedback on problems, faults,clarity and such. I do realize they are cheap and most likely manufactured in China. Any feedback would be appreciated - looking for a scope for the HW97k for plinking and a bit of target work.

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    Not specifically the Air king, however I have had a Mountmaster 3-9x40 AO
    would highly recommend as a budget AR scope
    Opinions are very divided on Nikko scopes I've found.


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      Haven't used one except for RoyaleR7's. Found this review though.

      Have you thought about the Hawke range. I have Hawke Varmint 4-16x44 Side Focus on both my Hw97K (0.177 & 0.22). Extremely clear optics and quality for the money. Have a look at this, the Airmax EV.
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        Yep, I have exactly that Nikko Air King scope on my Diana 350 Magnum in .22.

        I am very satisfied with the performance in most conditions including reasonable low light. It is built tough enough to withstand the considerable forces involved with firing a magnum springer. Mine has held zero perfectly for nearly 5 years now.

        They are not very expensive but they do the job well for general field use. Recommended.


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          Thxs people for your input much appreciated.


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            They're certainly cheap enough and include a mount.

            I'm keen on the fixed power 4x32 myself, and for around $130 postage included, you can't go wrong.

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          I have a NS gold crown air king 2-7x32 for sale, brand new in box. If you're in Sydney or Wollongong can even deliver