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  • Diana

    Friend of mine has just brought 22 Diana air rifle at 20m cannot get groups better than 150mm Has Gammo scope which the shop replaced once as they thought was the issue nothing changed. Any thought's.

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    My Diana 350 Magnum in .22 will group on a 10 cent piece at 25m from a sandbag rest. A 150mm group is ridiculous.

    Assuming the rifle is new, it may have a serious flaw with the spring or seals that is causing massive fluctuations in pressure release.

    With a small amount of skill and half decent pellets, a Diana should give you "minute-of-mouse" all day long.


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      Not fit for purpose.
      Assuming your mate can shoot, then ask the shop to do any better.
      He should be getting groups at least a third that size without really trying.

      He's using decent pellets I trust?
      Are all the action screws tight?

      I'm suspecting an issue with the barrel - either there's some problem with the crown or rifling or it's loose and not locking up tight.

      Is it dieselling?


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        Thanks guys yeah I suspect the rifle barrel is faulty. I suppose it happens I told him to return it to the shop, don't really know were it will go from there.