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  • Gamo

    Hi , I recently bought a Gamo Maxima RX and would like to know what slugs are the best to use ? I am at the moment using H&N Greens and shooting eggs at 35m with with good results. I have a VE3-9x40 WR Gamo scope and would like to know if this is a good scope for this gun. I am mostly happy with plinking at the moment but would like to think in the future , with a lot more practice that I would be able to shoot a feral cat if it was on my property. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    gday and welcome gamogirl.
    have a look in the air rifle section.
    there's lots of folks there that may be able to help you.


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      Thanks Send-It, can you please tell me how to write my posts in the air rifle section. If I scroll down to the air rifle section and click on it, where do I go from there?

    • mattw975
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      You didn't say what calibre your gun is in ?

      Its best to try a few types in your gun to see what yours prefers. My own GAMO seems to like H&N + Crosman pellets.

      If you are going after a cat, keep the range down to say 20 metres & only a good head shot, as your gun is putting out I guess about 15 fpe energy ? You'll need heavier pellets than the H&N Greens for hunting in my opinion.

      Come & say hello in the Air Rifle section, we're a friendly bunch & always happy to help. If you need a few different types of pellets to test, we can usually rustle up some for a new member (rather than you buying loads of tins to try).

      Where are you based by the way ?


      Matt W

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    Hi Gamogirl and welcome to the Air Gunners Den

    In answer to your question - The only true way you`re going to find out what is `the most accurate` pellet for your rifle will be to try lots of different types.

    As a Rule of Thumb though anything made by the BIG THREE high-quality pellet-manufacturers is usually a very safe bet.

    H&N, JSB or RWS
    "For it is the doom of men that they forget"


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      Originally posted by Gamogirl" post=36349
      Hi , I recently bought a Gamo Maxima RX and would like to know what slugs are the best to use ? I am at the moment using H&N Greens
      I like H&N stuff.
      Which greens? There's a few different ones.
      Try to find some Field target trophy (FTTs).
      If you can't get them locally, call Klaus at Acme Firearms - He carries every H&N pellet under the sun.
      Baracudas are a bit heavier and also work well.
      A good quality domed pellet is going to behave the best.
      Shooting a springer well is always challenging until you work out what the gun likes.

      There's a thread that Nate did on pellet head size - have a read of this.
      This will help you further fine tune the pellet selection.


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        H&N make sample packs in .22 (I found a couple while organising the air pellet stocks at the shop) and we also have some other sample packs in .177 but I'm not certain about who makes them.
        Provided my 3 remaining brain cells remember to look on Monday and provided the Moderators don't mind I will try to tell you more on Monday evening. With over 30 varieties of pellets in .177 we should be able to find something that will work for you.


        • grmkc
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          Welcome to the "Gas Bag" section of the forum.

          Most of us have experienced your current situation more than once; new rifles, post tune rifles, change in rifle usage patterns (from target to hunting and vice versa)

          I've been finding that Shops will generally have sample packs of one brand and the pack will consist of pellets that aren't optimal for most rifles. As a consequence, I started making up sample packs of MIXED brands for forum members. My packs consist of RWS, H&N and JSBs in 0.177 or 0.22 calibers. And, H&N's in various head sizes.

          If you want to try some el cheapos, I'll even bung in some Winnies for nix. PM me.

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        And then you get the blokes that won't entertain this European crap, they just have to have Gamo pellets!


        • grmkc
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          I think it's a case of horses for courses OldHilly. What ever works best for them ......................................... When did Spain drift away from the European continent?

          There is a gap in the weight range for the domed/round head pellets for the H&N's range though. They need something in the 18 grain area for the 0.22s that is not a hollow point type pellet.