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  • Why air rifles?

    ive just put an application for my rifle license with intentions of shooting .243s and shotguns.

    im curious why people would get in to air rifles? there must be something about them that a "real" rifle doesnt have.

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    Recoil...noise...can't shoot 180g projectiles in them at speed. Mind you I've never even used one. Yep I can't understand the air rifle thing either....but plenty of people use them. Each to there own I guess.
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        I am not an air rifle hunter or target comp. shooter. However I do have a cheap Gamo air rifle for both uses according to my licence.
        Some reasons are-
        Cheap to buy ammo
        Quiet for hunting appropriate game or pest control
        Capable of amazing accuracy
        Good for recoil sensitive people

        Others will have more.


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          For me, its their accuracy, the fact that a spring rifle is self contained, their quietness & the challenge of getting close to quarry, working out the correct holdover + its what I grew up shooting.

          Master an AR & everything else seems easy :P

          Originally posted by zorba" post=35176
          ive just put an application for my rifle license with intentions of shooting .243s and shotguns.

          im curious why people would get in to air rifles? there must be something about them that a "real" rifle doesnt have.


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            OK I'll play.

            1. Cost - find me a cheaper form of shooting - less than $20 for a tin of 500. If shotgunning that's gonna cost about $150.

            2. Trigger time - Low cost = plenty of Trigger pulling practice. Not having to go to a range every time I want a shot means more time spent shooting.

            3. Noise - Easy on the ears, not annoying for those around you. Stealth, multiple shots while hunting cos you haven't announced your presence.

            4. Power levels - low powered tool for situations that require it. Ease of use on smaller Permissions.

            5. Permission to hunt. When you say Air rifle, most folks say "Come on in".

            6. The wonder of modern PCPs - that needs a whole thread by itself. If you want to bore a better hole in a target then buy a drill press, cos that's about the only thing that'll make a smaller group.

            7. Suitability for training juniors in safe handling.

            8. Skill development - your stalking and range estimation will improve no end.

            9. Challenge of shooting a springer well.

            10. The ease with which some DIY tuning can improve a gun.

            Did I mention Cost.
            Like all other forms of shooting, there's price points for everything and you tend to get what you paid for.

            I've got a centrefire sitting in the safe that hardly gets used - Exy ammo and the fact that I've got to drive nearly an hour to find somewhere safe to shoot it means it doesn't get out much.
            By contrast hardly a day goes by when I don't fire the Air rifles.

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          Why Not?

          I'm not interested in having something go BANG right next to my head

          The fact that there's Air Rifles that take down Deer, Bores etc... and are still quieter than a .22lr
          Tuning Air Rifles allows for far greater control of your weapon in regards to velocity and accuracy - also includes pellet weight.
          Allows for proper training regarding hold sensitive rifles. (springers)
          Allows shooters to work out bad habits like pulling on the trigger rather than tapping it as to not pull shots
          Cost of ammo
          The fact that people see it as just a slug gun
          PCPs are more accurate than powder burners.


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            [quote="SuburbanMe" post=35301]Why Not? quote]

            who cares what propels the projectile.
            shooting is shooting.
            its a superb way of introducing it to young ones as well.

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          Was simple for me. I own a few centerfire rifles....but my parents have a rabbit problem and only have 6.5 acres of land.
          Their neighbors are nosy and i didnt want them complaining, looking over the fence everytime i shot a few rabbits. Air rifle works great, just have to get closer.

          Yes i would prefer to be using a 17hmr myself for rabbits or a .22. But unless we are able to have a different type of hearing protection again, that wont happen on this property. Not to mention it would also limit which way i can shoot on the property more so then an air rifle.

          As others have mentioned also. Using my hw97k springer, has helped all my shooting skills. I shoot a lot better now then before i had the springer. You really need to practise the right techniques with a spring rifle.



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            Just thought of another one related to some models of PCP.

            Semi Auto without the Cat C licence (depending on your respective state laws)

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          What Nigel-I said...



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            Ill tell you the same thing the Truckie told me in the toilets at the Three Ways Roadhouse:

            "Try it son, you'll like it"!
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              They are just another rifle.........can be lots of fun in all the same way as any other rifle


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                I like this summary from Tunblor

                Originally posted by Tunblor" post=113234
                G'Day Tim,

                Good on you for coming on and asking a few questions.

                The following is my opinion after buying a Weirhauch HW80 (Magnum springer) in .22.

                Air rifles are all about accuracy, they are inherently not powerful guns, but even a low powered one is easily powerful enough for what air rifles are bloody excellent and fun to use for: and that's practicing accuracy and knocking over small pests.

                For a first air rifle, I would recommend forgetting power, as the more powerful air rifles are going to be harder to shoot well, and come with their own problems (this is coming from a HW80 user who has had issues stemming from its power, which is still very low). A PCP is going to be easiest to shoot and the most powerful however, but is a lot more money for the rifle, and then more again for the air set up, tanks and pumps or both.

                I would go for a .177 rifle (flatter trajectory, easier to find pellets and cheaper per shot, less forces inherent in the gun shaking the gun and scope around every shot) but a lot of shooters say a .22 is a must for fur of any kind, which is fair enough. I got a .22 and realistically I'm very rarely going to use it on rabbits, and when I can chances are a rimfire is going to be more convenient.

                As for what particular gun to get, I'm a buy-once-cry-once guy, I would buy a quality Diana or Weirhauch rifle, and get it tuned with parts from our forums own Matt, or look into a parts kit from the UK or the US if you're into DIY. I got a kit from Matt and I'm very happy with it. Another option is some of the cheaper CO2 based guns, they are hard to beat plinking wise for fun.

                Second hand is another good way to go, get it at the foot of the depreciation curve and you're not going to lose any money trying out air rifles to see if it's for you.

                Any way, see what is available to you, what you want from the particular gun (practice your rifle technique, just plinking for fun, vermin control, all of them but one more than the others, etc.) and there might be some rifles that might suit your purposes best.
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                  Why Air-guns, because they are so much better than the other options, I have no real interest in shooting PB's. That's why my safe is full of them, well I could always make room for another.

                  And oh, the .22 semi-auto revolution is cheap to feed, seriously accurate and soooo much fun...


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                  Happy B'day Ya O'l Sprog.

                  That means I'm gonna have to venture back out to the shed & open the tap for another one in your honour now

                  Cheers bloke, Mick.

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                  Originally posted by Druid 66" post=35612
                  If it was`nt my fiftyeth birthday and I was`nt half-cut I`d have a field day om this one :P - Oh bollocks to uit the lads wil have it all explained tidy enough
                  Happy Birthday!

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                Cheap as to run, you can shoot them where you cant shoot centrefire & a great training tool.


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                  Shrouded PCP = the perfect bunny gun.


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                Well these are my 3 main reasons for much preferring Air Rifles over Powder Burners

                1, Trigger Time - Like most things we all do in life the more we practice the better we get - and for most shooters getting access to enough land to safely shoot a powder burner safely is a pretty big ask Thankfully finding a place to shoot an Air-Rifle is a hell of a lot easier.

                Like most people I too struggle to make it down the range more than once or twice a month but I am lucky enough to have ready-access to small-acreage which means that I can put in between 5 to 10 hours of solid trigger-time any-time-I-like for as-long-as-I-want

                Needless to say after only 40 odd years of Air Rifle Ownership that adds up to quite a lot of practice and with-out trying to sound Big-Headed I can`t help but notice how that kind of trigger-time seems to pay off when I`m competing with most of the Part-Time Powder-Burners I see down at the local butts ... :P

                2, Cost - Air Rifles are cheap to run - the more you shoot the cheaper they work out - And if you shoot as much as many of us do on here they quickly become the obvious First-Choice

                3, Skill Development.- A low powered Air Rifle (especially a springer) will test YOU to the max - Therefore any deficiencies in your shooting technique, Your range finding capabilities and YOUR field craft will be quickly exposed by something like a self-contained pre-coiler

                I have a theory that most people who say that "they don`t like Air Rifles" actually mean - They didn`t like the truth that an Air-Rifle revealed about them
                "For it is the doom of men that they forget"


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                  Originally posted by Druid 66" post=36089
                  ..................................They didn`t like the truth that an Air-Rifle revealed about them


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                  hi druid 66

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                  Air rifles are quiet, cheap to run and they don't need to be cleaned after they are used

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                Its like Archery - just quicker & more accurate

                For me...
                - CHEAP as! (as others have stated), though my 22LR does incredibly well with cheap-as ammo
                - low noise/recoil
                - facilities - I can shoot 3 times a week up about 20min up the road & also down the road in a residential area (both are proper smallbore ranges), so thats the biggest drawcard
                - accurate - they're great these days, this isnt a draw back anymore! 5c @ 50m is achievable
                - Tuning - I like to have a fiddle, the great flexibility in being able to tune it to your very specific needs is great

                oh - & showing everyone up at the club...
                What is that thing?
                holy cow - thats accurate!
                I didnt know air rifles could do that!
                I might have to look at getting one of those!


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                  Apart from all the other good reasons people have mentioned I would say this - I live in an ordinary house on an ordinary 1/4 acre suburban block with neighbours on both sides and a restaurant and shops behind me. With a bit of thought and effort I adapted an old airconditioner opening between two rooms to give me a fully enclosed, all-weather 10 metre air rifle range complete with shooting bench. With the right backstop I can use all four (two .177 and two .22) air rifles all day, any day without anyone outside my own walls being any the wiser - let alone complaining. Try doing that with a 22 rimfire, even with zeds!


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                    i question the above is legal despite the neighbours not knowing. happy to be shown otherwise tho.