Great accuracy from the fx revolution

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  • Great accuracy from the fx revolution

    Pulled the fx revo out this arvo and setup some empty shotgun shells at 45m. Had abit of fun knocking them over but it wasn't as hard as I expected. I then set them up with the primers aiming towards me. Figured this would tell me how consistent the revo threw them out. Again I was able to hit 9/10 as quickly as I could aim and pull the trigger.
    This was achieved using standard h&n barracudas and I am led to believe I will see better accuracy out of the jsb pellets which I'm yet to try.

    I am definitely suprised at how accurate it is. Only problem is how quick the air and pellets go. The hill pump has been getting a work out thats for sure


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    Hey Lawsie,

    The Blizzard does the same. I think the PCPs are very consistent in general and it's really down to the shooter's ability. The Blizz is grouping 0.5" at 50m. She loves both the JSB Exact Jumbo Heavies (18.16grains) & the 5.51mm Barra Match. The JSBs are just that little better in consistency and accuracy. Easy enough to compensate for the different drops after shooting them on neighbouring targets for the same yardage. Horses for courses and it depends on what you're doing with them.

    Blizz came with a SCUBA tank. Up to 60 useable shots on a fill and 20 second to fill slowly.

    Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.


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      Did your blizzard shoot that well out of the box though?
      My evanix rainstorm needed abit of work to shoot accurately and its still not as accurate as the revolution. With the original spring it was pretty woeful with the lighter pellets. I put that down to them being over 1000ft per second.
      Things improved dramatically with a hammer spring change. Now shoots under an inch at 50 no problem at all with most pellets I have tried.
      I can't remember the last time I even fired the rainstorm as the revo is just so much more enjoyable being a semi

      Might have to move the rainstorm on to make room for something i will use abit more


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        Originally posted by Lawsie" post=34987
        Did your blizzard shoot that well out of the box though?
        yes - well a hammer spring change required for lighter pellets.
        5min process = out of the box

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      Semi and great accuracy out of the box...FX are definitely in a league of their own!
      The .30 cal Bobcat is high on my wish list!


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        True that its not a hard process but some people just want something that shoots well from the first time you use it.

        I did enjoy tinkering with the rainstorm but you just can't beat a semi when it comes to fun. Most of my time is spent loading mags.

        Will try and get a video this arvo. Will put some nails in some wood and see if the fx can knock a few over


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          How many refills per scuba tank?

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        Hi chewtah.
        The answer is none as I use a hill hand pump.
        I have the scuba setup but never bothered buying a tank as Hand pumping is not as hard as everyone reckons



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          Hey - Not so much of the `Every-One` Lawsie

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        Hopefully the video works. Was taken off my phone so may not be the best quality.

        Shooting some nails at 45m.
        Hit the first 2 fairly quickly. The 3rd one was hit but didn't remove the nail from the timber. 4th nail was a waste of time as it had been hit by the first and was leaning over.



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          Did your blizzard shoot that well out of the box though?
          Not sure how it shot out of the box. By all accounts from the previous owner it did well with the 25+ grain pellets. I didn't even try with the factory spring. The first thing I had to do was remedial works on the stock so off came the action and in went the hardware shop spring. And, going on Phil's Royale, you probably don't need to put in a depinger either.

          How many refills per scuba tank?
          Can't tell you yet Chewy. Still going after about 30 fills. Started at 210 Bar in the SCUBA tank and I'm down to about 195 Bar. I'm happy to take it down to about 170 as the sweet zone seems to start at about the 180-190 mark. Unfortunately the gauge isn't discernible enough for me to tell.

          NATE: Where can I get a more accurate and better "defined interval" gauge for the Blizz?