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    My Son is having his 9th birthday soon, I am considering purchasing an Air Rifle, I wanted a HW25 or HW30, having been waiting since April, but no luck, I am now considering a Diana 11 or Diana 21, any suggestions?

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    Yes, a TF79 Co2 air rifle, failing that a TF78. Breaking and reloading correctly can be chore for a 9 yo.

    The air rifle I have suggest in 22 will punch out nicely at 500 fps....if not a little more. They are easy to work on...easy to upgrade...easy to learn from.

    My 2c



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      Thanks Paul, I have considered the TF78/79, just concerned regarding the weight of the rifle as well as the drop in velocity/trajectory once the cylinders are not entirely full, I was thinking the velocity would be consistent on a break barrel.

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    The TF/QB range of CO2 guns are certainly light enough for a kid but you`re right about a springer being the most consistent of choices - Personally I`d hang on a bit longer for a Weihrauch to turn up - Who have you tried to get one through?
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      Allcock and Pierce, I thought if I ordered one in April it would be here, its not unfortunately, they only have HW35s, I am concerned he will not be able to shoulder a HW35 and have trouble cocking it, but I don't want him to have something that isn't going to pull a group in case it becomes discouraging.

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    Maybe consider a webley cub until you can get a weihrauch? A weihrauch would definately be worth the wait, but a webley cub is only about $130, so that would get him going until then. Still a decent gun to, would be a good size for him and easy to cock.


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      My boys are only 5 and 7, but I find my QB78 perfect for them.
      I also like the idea that it is a bolt action, de-cocking with the bolt open is a very positive safety.
      I'm always right with them ,but it's nice to see them handle and load the rifle themselves.

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    Personally I'd go for a break-barrel for reasons of reliability and simplicity, especially for learning safe gun handling.

    I'd also suggest that a BSA Meteor should be on the list. Nice small gun, well-known maker, and plenty of them about. Just make sure you don't pay too much (there have been some hilarious prices asked on usedguns.com for example), and check that the barrel locks up firmly because the hinge pins tend to wear on older guns if they haven't been looked after (in other words, most older guns ).