Wascally Wabbits you tempt me so

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  • Wascally Wabbits you tempt me so

    My wife (teacher) & the kids (pupils) all attend the same school. The school is set in an idyllic rural valley on approx 40 acres.

    Wildlife is abundant here & on the many after hours walks of the grounds I've done, I've seen plenty of bunny evidence but never seen the little buggers.

    That is until the beginning of this term (6 weeks ago), when on a previously "empty" field, 20 + bunnies of various sizes, colours etc were spotted.

    There is not a snowball in hells chance of me getting permission to shoot the blighters (traps maybe). But they are great for stalking practice when I pick the clan up after school

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    I'm here to help


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      That ferret looks too content and well fed to be of any help :lol: :lol:

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    Zen ferret, appears not to be paying attention, but everything he takes in he remembers. take care not to anger Zen ferret


    a mate helps out with someone who uses ferrets to flush warrens, a couple of nets and some dogs pick up the ones who beat the nets. rabbits are quick, but not quicker than two whippets working in tag team