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  • TTI

    I recently ordered a piston & comp tube from TTI.
    Unfortunately they've responded saying they are unable to deliver due to one of their staff undergoing chemo.
    They have agreed to refund the order so it's all good.
    I was looking forward to trialling their version of an o-ringed piston to see what effect that has on the groupings.

    The 97 is settling down nicely and beginning to show a pellet preference. It's taken a while to find the right head size.
    I think I'll go and do some further testing while the weather is good.

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    Hey Nigel.

    Do we still need to do the grease injection for the HW97K cocking arm? Just name the day. I'll bring the Blizz as well.

    Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.


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      I gave it a squirt of sticky chain lube and it's a lot better.
      The TTI upgrade was to be a stage 2 tune up.
      I think I'm free next week if you want a shooting session.

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    If you're looking for a 3rd, Gimme a yell!