Shanghai B2 'project' report UPDATE

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  • Shanghai B2 'project' report UPDATE

    Hi all,
    Some of you know Ive been enquiring about fixing up my old Shanghai B2 .177
    Its a bit of an heirloom, not really worth much, but still fun to tinker with and help instil a sense of safety and responsibility to new shooters.

    After lots of reading on the UK forums, and a fair bit here, I did the following.

    FULL strip down and clean (this thing was filthy!)
    rubbed off the rust with steel wool and wd40
    super cleaned all metal work, polished surfaces etc. (JIFFY is actually really good at cleaning! - dunno if thats a no-no)
    polished the ends of the spring
    added hand made nylon washers (2 stack) with lithium grease in between them (all I had)
    Polished the Cylinder Internals with a foot of dowel, slit the end with a hacksaw and made a 'flag' with various grades of wet n dry sandpaper, finishing off with Autosol rag.
    I put a bolt on the end of the 'flag' and attached my drill to it, so it was super quick and effective.
    The leather seal seemed in alright nic, i took it all apart and cleaned it, then back together with a dab of oil
    The piston was rusty, pitted, dented... this too was polished and cleaned up. Drill helped alot again in this instance.
    Cleaned up the daggy sh itty trigger, its not perfect but 11 billionity times better.

    The result, well now it cocks very smoothly, with noticeable more force (due to washers i guess)
    Still getting rid of excess grease, bit of a steam cloud of oil (dieseling)
    Trigger creep still there, but it lets off nice and crisply.
    Pellet now penetrates a cardboard box with packing paper in it, previously would just go through the outer box layer.
    Accuracy is now freakishly good. At 15 yards previous 5 shot group was about 150mm, now its 25mm, The first time I used it all done up I had a 3 shot cloverleaf, then a keyholer not far from it.... Im most impressed!

    I put it away for years as I thought it was a 'toy' as we generally had trouble hitting a tin can at 20 yards. Now its great!
    Main issue now is the 'breech seal' has flattened out to the point where its no longer sealing, and the butt-stock has cracked so much that it finally came off yesterday (big ugly knot in the wood)
    Ill do some follow up posts when I get some pics and more progress!

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    Fantastic. Great to hear of old things coming back to life..


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      I have a B1 that I am toying with ATM...

      All new parts are available for these guns as they are copies of Diana's... You just need to get the correct model and all the bits are available through a few different OS AR parts suppliers... Druid put a B2 thread up on the old forum and I put all the info in there for what they where and where to get the bits...
      The seals are pretty cheap and you could even get new barrels and everything in-between...

      Did you put a spring shroud on yours? This has made a bit of difference to mine... Not as noisy, clunky and shoots a lot smoother than before...

      Good to see someone else having a go at what a lot of guys have told me is a time and money waister... But all worth it in the end IMO... Nothing gives me more satisfaction than putting in the time, money and effort into rebuilding/repairing an old gun like these and seeing better than expected results... Just gives me a job well done feeling...
      Anyone can buy a brand new gun and just shoot it... It takes skill and perseverance to bring a gun like these back to life...

      Stupid thing is the B1 and B2 can still be purchased new...


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        Hey Luke,

        Is it really a Diana copy? I have a B1 - my first air rifle (once again something I loved as a kid but its a complete POS now!) I think it was $30 t the time I've kept it for sentimental reasons only

        I wouldnt mind giving it a german refurb though! - do you know which model of diana its a copy of?

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      They wont let you use hotmail or yahoo addresses as they have had heaps of spambots and stuff...

      Try a gmail address..


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        thanks luke - although mine was a gmail address?

        I'll get the missus to try from her work email...