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    I'm trying to get hold of some moly paste, the 65% stuff, but the only seller I can find is Air Rifle Headquarters in the states. Does anyone know of a supplier in Oz?

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    Try this link for Molybond
    Don't think it's 65% though.

    I found some Castrol LMM grease that was nice and sticky but it has a very low % of Moly.
    Geoff had some CRC engine assembly lube - he might be able to state the %
    Matt from memory was using Nulon something.


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      The CRC container doesn't state %Mo. I used it for the piston and chamber, but use the Matt gunk for the springs. If you're after the gluggy stuff, I think Matt got his tub from Cheap Auto(?). He sent me some, and I mean gunk. Nulon sounds right Nigel.

      Actually, the HW95 only has CRC on ALL parts and that seems to work to date. The HW97K and A13's HW50 has CRC on everything except the springs.

      A little bit of either goes a long way.

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    Thanks lads. I've got a few different greases that seem to be OK, but I keep hearing about pastes with very high moly content and thought it might be interesting to see what they can do.

    You know what it's like: slow day at work so I thought I'd go looking for the Holy Grail. :P

    Cheers for the link, Nigel. Molybond GA50 could be interesting (50% moly in a lithium grease).


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      Originally posted by Riz" post=22187
      Thanks lads. I've got a few different greases that seem to be OK.

      Cheers for the link, Nigel. Molybond GA50 could be interesting (50% moly in a lithium grease).
      Conisseur of fine grease : )
      Let us know if you come across something interesting.

      I've got some of that Molybond in a dry film spray.
      Coated the piston and comp chamber in the 97 with it and I'm liking the result so far.

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    Would that look like what you are after?

    Abbey Molybdenum Disulfide Gun Grease




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      Thanks for all the suggestions. This line of thought is what happens when an aging airgun bodger starts thinking up lubrication experiments when he should be working. Various different greases will do the trick, but I was re-reading the Cardews' book a while back, where they reckoned the lubrication properties of the grease are less important than the combustion and twang-killing properties. Thanks to the miracle of Matt and his magic lathe the twang problem now has a much better remedy, but there was also a recent Vermin Hunters vid on YouTube that had Tony Wall praising moly pastes rather than greases (no details, though), and that's what started me thinking...

      What I've turned up so far is that Loctite do a 65% moly paste, but it's not available in Oz. Honda do one too, but it's not available in Oz. There's some Canadian stuff called Molyslip that looks good and is also distributed in the UK, but ... you'll never's not available in Oz. Has someone told them we can't be trusted with lubricants?

      I'm waiting to hear back from the Molyslip people, but it's not something I plan to spend big bucks on. Just thought it might be interesting.

      Oh, and cheers, Nigel and Oleg. I've used Abbey grease in the past and I have a can of dry moly spray (Birchwood Casey). I use it in the compression chamber too and I think it helps (well, it certainly doesn't hurt).


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        Sounds like it`s a good job that I`ve still got a pot of `Weapons Grade` Moly-Grease from Air-Gun-Guru TR-Robb still in my shed from back in the day :P

        Going to be needing it soon too as V-MATT AUSTRALIA has already commanded his elves to construct a custom tuning kit for a certain HW77K in.20Cal
        "For it is the doom of men that they forget"


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          Guys, interesting post. I am also interested as my Moly paste stocks are getting low , they shouldn't be but I used to much the first time...

          I ordered it in the past from Airgun headquarters when I also order a tune kit. Sounds like the easiest way is to just order it online through them. At $8US plus $12US shipping it will do around 4-5 airguns so works out at less than $5US per tune :P . You might find it cheaper locally but for the time spent searching through various automobile shops etc, buying something you later decide is not up to the task, why bother, just order it and it will be at your doorstep in less than a fortnight .

          The other advatage is you then have the "excuse" of paying for the freight anyhow so you can stock up on a couple of other bits and bobs .


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            Good advice TBB; I ordered a couple of jars from ARH last week ($8 for 1, $14 for 2).

            But I'd still like to know why the stuff is sold everywhere in the civilised world except Australia.


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              Lewis Reinhold may have some, greenfield mowers in Qld some where.